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Hi my name is Jenny and I am just one of the team of Volunteers here at CIL.   I have only been here about 8 months, but it feels much longer as I have learned so much about so many different disabilities.   I feel it is making me a better person as I can honestly say that I never spared a thought for people with any form of disability, before volunteering here.

I have just taken a week’s holiday and spent the time visiting my best friend who now lives in the wilds of Suffolk in a small village called Woolpit.   It is an amazing place which has a wonderful community spirit and everything anyone could need.   If you are ever in the area do please visit the fascinating old church.   Look out for Ian Lavender (Pike from Dad’s Army) who lives there.   There is also a great little memorial in the centre which is dedicated to Queen’s Elizabeth 1st, 2nd, Victoria and Boadicea, with carvings of them on the four pillars and a fabulous ancient pump in the centre.

There is a lovely bakery and a choice of Tea Shops to enjoy morning coffee or afternoon tea in.  A Cooperative Supermarket, housing a Post Office and it is like the Tardis.   I could not believe how big it was inside and just what a huge variety of items for sale.   The prices were not that bad either.

My friends wined and dined me and waited on me hand and foot for the duration of my stay and it was fabulous.   They took me to all the local towns and one day we ate lunch at The Codfather in Sudbury.   I had a bit of a history with Sudbury as about 40 years ago we used to stay with friends who ran a local public house there called The Bear.   We asked a friendly guy on one of the stalls in the market and he looked it up on the Internet and informed us that it had changed its name to The Royal Oak and he gave us the address.   We proceeded to search for it, but it had changed its name again and is now called The Gainsborough.   However, I was able to recognise it and went inside for a little trip down Memory Lane.

I was also taken to the cinema one night where we saw Keanu Reeves playing a retired assassin in a very blood thirsty film called John Wick Chapter 2.

All in all it was a lovely holiday for me.

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