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Hi my name is Sabrina Sultan

Would you believe I have now been working for 5 years at MKCIL. I love every minute of it. Over those years, I have gained more confidence and experience than I did when I first started work.
During that time, I have been on two amazing trips.
The first one was to the Eifel Tower and it was so fantastic to see something I have never seen before. The travel from train to train was exciting, as I knew I was getting closer and closer. After leaving the station in Paris, I could see the tower in the distance, however, there was quite a bit of walking to get to it.
As it was getting closer it appeared to be getting taller and taller, until it was nearly as tall as me ha ha.
It was so tall that I was wondering how I was ever going to get to the top. It looked incredible, and I couldn’t wait to get inside. When we got in the lift it was so exciting because it went so fast that it made us all laugh. Thank goodness there was a lift as I could not imagine what it must be like climbing the stairs.
When we reached the top, I was so keen to have a look at all the different views. They were totally mind blowing! To see the whole of Paris laid out like that, beneath us. Even from that height I could see a football match in progress, it was so cool!
There’s always something to look forward to especially if it’s your first time.
The other amazing trip was to Disneyland.
This had so many activities to do and a lot more to see. The travel was fun on the trains again. You could see the beautiful scenery, with so many different colours, through the windows. Which was my favourite!
Sometimes, when going through long or short tunnels the train would go so fast that it was funny with the noise the engine made! Ha ha
My favourite train was the Euro Star As I knew it was taking me closer to Disneyland, but the best bit on the train was having a picnic. You’ve got to love a picnic!
My five best bits in Disneyland were:
The fake hot air balloon – which felt real as it was so high up in the sky that I could see the whole park, literally!
The Double Decker Buses – which were funny and reminded me of the Harry Potter film.
Breakfast – it was delicious. I had a bowl of coco-pops to start with, followed by a pain au chocolat, croissants and a glass of orange juice to finish. The breakfast you couldn’t say no to!
The Magic Circus Hotel where we stayed was so cool and colourful! I even had a TV in my room which had my favourite channel on it. It was like a real circus atmosphere!
The last best bit was watching the parade of the Disney characters and the dancers with all the different pretty colours.
The last two above, were definitely the best moments of my life and I will never forget them.
You’re never too old for Disney!


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