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27.09.17 Contents:
Falls and fractures
Accessible powerboating
EHRC legal support project
Footprints on Kilimanjaro
Derek’s View – Lifton Home Lift
Latest – Scottish Social Security agency
1. Falls and fractures

For the first time, Fall Prevention Awareness Week has made its way across the Atlantic to Britain.

It is well-established in the US, where the first week of the Fall season is dedicated to the other kind of falls. As we celebrate autumn rather than fall, we don’t have the same serendipitous association, but that’s certainly no barrier to raising awareness of a challenging problem.

Falls are not an inevitable consequence of getting older. There are lots of things that can be done to minimise the risk, from exercises to improve gait and balance to good maintenance of eyes, ears and feet, not to mention removing environmental hazards.

The IL fall prevention section is here

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2. Accessible powerboating

The recent Southampton Boat Show was particularly eventful for accessible boating charity the Wheelyboat Trust.

Not only did they hand over to Lymington Sailability the first accessible powerboat to operate on the Solent, but they also supported the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) in the launch of Powerability – the very first opportunity for disabled people to undertake recognised RYA training and acquire specially developed certification in powerboat skippering.

Read more here

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3. EHRC legal support project

This month has seen the completion of a pilot scheme at EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission) which was set up in January this year to provide advice and funding to people who have experienced disability discrimination but might not otherwise have been able to access legal support.

They assisted 118 cases in areas of employment, education and public services.

Unsurprisingly, the legal support project was a great success, and they have now launched a second round of funding, this time specifically to help people who have faced discrimination in education.

You can read more here 

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4. Footprints on Kilimanjaro

Everybody expects their telecare alarm to work reliably around the home. Increasingly, users want one that they can carry with them when they go out and about, to provide the reassurance that they can call for help if necessary.

But how about contacting base from Mount Kilimanjaro? That is the latest challenge for Ownfone’s Footprint, as Warwick District Council sends two of the wearable GPS tracker telecare alarms off on a fundraising trek to the highest mountain in Africa.

Will they be able to make contact with the council’s Lifeline call centre back in Lillington?

Read more here

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5. Derek’s View – Lifton Home Lift

The latest showcase on Independent Living displays an elegant home lift which travels between floors on its own slim vertical rails, allowing you to install it in many different places.

The Lifton home lift could be tucked away discreetly in a cupboard or wardrobe, placed in an unobtrusive corner, oryou can make a statement with an installation in pride of place!

Quiet and smooth in operation, the wire rope hoist system is concealed in the top of the lift car, so there is no external machinery on show.

You can read more here

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6. Latest – Scottish Social Security Agency

The Scottish government has announced the location for the headquarters of the new Social Security Agency.

In fact, central office functions will be shared between Dundee, which will house the headquarters, and Glasgow where there will be a second administrative hub, with an estimated 1500 jobs shared evenly between the two cities.

Read more here

Coming up next time – it will be Backcare Awareness Week, and given the prevalence of back problems, I will be looking at various ways to make sure you don’t injure yourself, and to manage existing aches and pains.

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