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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news.
31.01.18 Contents:
More funding for home adaptations
Warzone! Food and drug interactions
Long-term funding of social care
End of life care for children
Derek’s View – Impey guidance on showers
Latest Updates – First-aid skills; PIP reassessments
1. More funding for home adaptations

First announced in the budget last autumn, the government confirmed last week that £42 million extra is being put into funding Disabled Facilities Grants.

This is on top of the £431 million already provided for DFGs for the 2017 to 2018 financial year – but is it enough?

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2. Warzone! Food and drug interactions

You probably don’t often think of your digestive system as a warzone! But everything you swallow, from meals and snacks to prescription drugs and herbal remedies are all occupying the same space, and can have some unexpected and hostile reactions to each other.

Our resident nutrition guru, Mary Farmer, has written about some of the most common clashes, and what you can do to improve the situation.

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3. Long-term funding of social care

I find it hard to suppress a sigh.

There is yet another inquiry into the future of adult social care – this time, a joint inquiry by two parliamentary committees; Health and Communities & Local Government.

They are looking for sustainable funding solutions which are likely to find broad political support. Their findings will feed into the long-awaited Green Paper.

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4. End-of-life care for children

Sadly, each year in the UK, some 5000 babies, children and young people die, many because of a life-limiting illness or condition.

A coalition of six national charities are calling on the government to ensure that the choices made about end-of-life care by terminally ill children and their families are based on their needs, wishes and best interests – and are not restricted by where they happen to live.

Find out more here.

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5. Derek’s View – Impey guidance on showers

Accessible shower experts, Impey, have just produced a helpful Technical Handbook to assist anyone involved in specifying and installing shower facilities.

It includes detailed technical drawings, expert installation advice and an exhaustive list of FAQs, and is available free of charge to professionals while stocks last.

You can find out more here

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6. Latest Updates – First aid skills; PIP reassessments

The vast majority of us would not be able to give life-saving first aid in an emergency.

But if first aid skills had been taught in school, we would be properly equipped to respond to someone in trouble, which could well mean the difference between life and death.

Three charities are campaigning to change the curriculum – more details here

And finally, I can’t really go before mentioning the latest round of PIP-related turmoil. Given that the DWP is now contemplating reassessment of all 1.6 million awards, people with mental health conditions who missed out on appropriate support should take the initiative, and ask for a mandatory reconsideration. Legal charity, AdviceNow, has a useful tool for drafting your letter, here

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