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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news.
28.02.18 Contents:
Exercise & arthritis
Organ donation
AccessAdvisr prize draw
Great British Dog Walk
Derek’s View – Bathlift or bathing aid?
Latest Updates – Diabetes & diet; RIDI awards
1. Exercise & arthritis

We all know that arthritis is a real scourge, affecting an estimated 10 million people in the UK, making everything difficult, from walking to opening a tin.

I wasn’t surprised to hear recently that older people with the condition do very little exercise, but the shocker is that people without painful arthritis aren’t doing any more….

Staying active

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2. Organ donation

In another life, I earned a modest crust helping people manage stress at work. Without doubt, the most stressed group I came across were working as NHS organ transplant coordinators.

Given all the unavoidable stresses their jobs entailed, I’m not sure I did a great deal to help!

The NHS has got better at encouraging organ donations, but we still need to do a lot more.

Is presumed consent the best way of going about it?

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3. AccessAdvisr Prize Draw

Our friends at AccessAdvisr have launched a Prize Draw to encourage even more people to write accessibility reviews.

Every review posted from now till the end of March will be entered.

The prize is £50 for the reviewer and £50 for the charity of their choice, so lots of winners!

You can find out more here.

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4. Great British Dog Walk

Hearing Dogs’ Great British Dog Walk is back again for the fourth year.

This is a great opportunity enjoy a walk through glorious countryside at carefully selected venues around Britain – while raising funds to train hearing dogs for deaf people.

The first walks of the season are in Gateshead and Ledbury, on Sunday 18th March.

You can see the full programme and how to sign up here

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5. Derek’s View – Bathlift or bathing aid?

The bathroom is the focus of more attention by way of aids and adaptations than any other room in the house.

So what is the best way to keep on bathing safely?

Bath lift or low-tech bathing aids – you can find information on suitable choices for different circumstances here

If you provide high quality products and services, and you would like to reach our site visitors and newsletter readers, please email

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6. Latest updates – Diabetes & diet; RIDI awards

I can’t allow the shocking news about diabetes to pass – though how many times have we heard shocking and diabetes in the same sentence?

Presumably, many people aren’t yet sufficiently shocked to do anything about it…

For those who are interested in knowing more, we have various diabetes resources on Independent Living, including advice from former NHS dietitian Mary Farmer

RIDI awardsThe Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative Awards (RIDI) recognise progress in inclusion of disabled people in the workplace.

Finalists have now been announced – who can they be? Find out here!

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