Healthwatch Milton Keynes 2018-21 Strategy

A message from our Trustee


Healthwatch Milton Keynes has been empowering the people of Milton Keynes to have a say in how health and social care services are planned and delivered for five years.

We have a statutory role, legislated in the Health and Social Care Act 2012, to provide an independent voice on peoples experiences of health and care.

An emphasis on joint commissioning, integrated working, budgetary pressures and an increasing demand on services has transformed the health and social care landscape around us. Healthwatch Milton Keynes aims to ensure that decisions about health and social care are made with the patient, their family and friends, and services remain focused on the patient.

This strategy sets out how we will fulfil the dual role of both engaging with our local population and ensuring that those who pay for, and provide services listen, respond to their needs and design services alongside them.

We will use our platform to inform and involve the public in changes to the way health and social care is delivered locally and we are more passionate than ever, in these challenging economic times, to make sure that the people of Milton Keynes, receive high quality, appropriate health and social care services.

That passion will underpin all our actions. We invite you to read our Strategic Plan for 2018-21 and look forward to hearing from you.


To be an independent organisation, providing an effective local voice for people in Milton Keynes, influencing and shaping Health and Social Care services to meet their needs.


• We start with people first.

• We work for children, young people and adults.

• We cover all health and social care services.

• We work for everyone, not just those who shout the loudest.


• We set the agenda and make change happen.

• We are responsive. We take what we learn and translate it into action.

We are innovative and creative. We know that we can’t fix things by sticking to the status quo.

We work with the national Healthwatch network to make an impact both locally and nationally.


• We are independent and act on behalf of the people of Milton Keynes.

• We listen to people and speak loudly on their behalf.

We challenge those in power to design and deliver better health and social care

• services.

We like to highlight what works well but are not afraid to point out when things have gone wrong.


• We value knowledge.

• We seek out data and intelligence to challenge assumptions with facts.

• We celebrate and share good practice in health and social care.

• We hold ourselves to the highest standards.


• We keep the debate positive and we get things done.

We work in partnership with the public, health and social care sectors and the voluntary and community sector.

• We learn from people’s experiences and from specialists and experts.

We build on what is already known and collaborate in developing and sharing new insights.



For more information please follow the link – Strategy 2018-21 FINAL


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