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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news.
18.04.18 Contents:
More falls…
Smart home technology
Benefit sanctions inquiry
World Voice Day
New Wheelyboat for Liverpool
Latest – Easylink UK dementia aids
1. More falls…

Hospital admissions for falls amongst people aged over 65 are projected to reach nearly 1000 a day in the next two years.

Recent statistics from the ONS show fall-related deaths growing at a significantly faster rate than the growth of the older population would account for.

Fall prevention initiatives on the part of local authorities save more than £3 for every pound invested, but the amount they are able to spend on this preventive work is curtailed by budgetary pressures.

Read more here.

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2. Smart home technology

One of the “seven key principles” outlined by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care for the future of adult social care involves harnessing the power of new technology.

Just how can smart home technology and the Internet of Things support independent living for older and disabled people?

Find out more here

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3. Benefit sanctions inquiry

Sanctions are an essential part of any regime, however unpalatable that may be.

When it comes to the benefits system, however, they seem to be applied in a particularly Draconian way, often imposed for the most trivial of breaches.

But is that an accurate picture, or unrepresentative anecdote? The Work and Pensions Committee has launched an inquiry.

Find out more here

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4. World Voice Day

Monday this week was World Voice Day, a time to think about this facility which so many of us take entirely for granted, and probably don’t take care of as we should – top tips for looking after your voice here.

Coincidentally, in the last few days, a site visitor who is now entirely unable to speak asked for information about what possible options there are to help.

IL speech and language resources are here.

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5. New Wheelyboat for Liverpool

If you haven’t come across wheelyboats before, they are a brilliantly accessible design of powerboat that enables wheelchair users to enjoy watersports on the same basis as people without impaired mobility.

Liverpool has just acquired one, thanks to fundraising efforts by two charities, Local Solutions and The Wheelyboat Trust.

Find out more here

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6. Latest – Easylink UK dementia aids

Easylink UK has a recently updated showcase page for their dementia and cognitive impairment aids. These include the versatile MemRabel 2, shown here, which can be programmed with a range of personalised reminders.

Other featured products include their tiny GPS tracker/fall alert; object locator; talking reminder alarm clock and various sensors and alerts.

Independent Living readers can benefit from a 10% discount across their range.

More details on the showcase page

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