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A Quiet Place movie gets it right and uses deaf actor: A Quiet place is a movie which is set in a post-apocalyptic world haunted by blind monsters that zero in on sound with the aid of supersensitive hearing. Silence becomes a matter of survival. The family portrayed in the film have an advantage because they can communicate in American Sign Language (ASL). Handy when the act of speaking can get you killed. Fortuitously, the family have learned sign language because their daughter is deaf.

Director John Krasinski is to be applauded for pushing to cast Millicent Simmonds, who is deaf, as daughter Regan Abbott. Even better, her performance enhances the movie.

Kamran Mallick, the chief executive of Disability Rights UK, speaking to the Independent, says, she brings “an extra dimension to the role which a hearing actor would not have been able to do”. Read more

Latest learning disabilities mortality statistics make for grim reading: The Learning Disabilities Mortality Review Annual Report 2017 found that the average age at death of people with learning disabilities was 59 for males and 56 for females. More than a quarter (28%) of deaths were of people aged under 50 years.

Kamran Mallick, Chief Executive of Disability Rights UK said: “This review makes for grim reading but few surprises – if you’re learning disabled, you’re more likely to die much younger than your family, friends and neighbours who don’t happen to be learning disabled. ….We’re tired of reports which set out the stark realities of living – and dying – if you have a learning disability in our society. We need to see some real action and real change, and commitment from politicians and organisations to drive the recommendations made in the report. It’s time to stop treating learning disabled people as third-class citizens.” Read more

Obesity is not just a question of diet: DR UK ambassador Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, speaking in the Guardian, says that she is disheartened that Jamie Oliver’s obesity strategy fails to mention the role of physical activity and mental health. Read more

We echo this. Disability Rights UK also seeks to improve the health and well-being of disabled people through physical activity via our Get Out Get Active (GOGA) programme and our Get Yourself Active project. One of our GOGA mentors has recently won a Torch Trust Trophy award for his Outstanding Contribution to Inclusivity.

Personal budgets helpline survey: Please give your views on our personal budgets helpline by taking this online survey. Help us understand how effective the line has been in providing enquirers with the information or support they requested. This will help us improve the service.

CQC Board appoints Ian Trenholm as new Chief Executive: Ian Trenholm has been appointed as the Care Quality Commission’s new Chief Executive.

If you’ve recently visited your GP or been to hospital, Disability Rights UK and the Care Quality Commission would like to hear about your experience! Telephone us on 0330 995 0400 and choose option 1 or click here for further information.


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Get Yourself Active #penguinproposal: GYA have issued a twitter #penguinproposal to Jamie Oliver, asking him to update his obesity strategy so it includes improving participation in physical activity and better mental health. They’d love to show him what they can bring to the table. Read more

GYA have also featured in Motability’s Lifestyle magazine

Disability Confidence in Thanet: “The one thing I’m taking away is not to be afraid to ask disabled customers the best way to communicate or run activities with them” – The Get Out Get Active (GOGA) Peer Support Lead at Disability Rights UK, Kate Pieroudis, ran two great days of ‘Disability Confidence’ training to 27 staff at Your Leisure (Thanet’s leisure trust) a week ago. Staff included receptionists, managers and personal trainers, who all got together to talk disability as part of the GOGA Peer Support Project. Read more in the latest GOGA blog

Leadership Academy graduation event: The 10th May 2018, will see this year’s Leadership Graduation; this is an event held to celebrate the achievements of the Delegates. It’s a great chance to see the impact that the Programme has on their lives, both professionally and personally. Through presentations the delegates will highlight key findings, from their reports and this really affords the attendees, a chance to see first-hand key issues faced by disabled employees in the work place. Thus, the event has the added benefit of shared learning, which can be taken away and applied in practice. We often get asked what makes our Leadership Academy programme different to others? This event says why?


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Our new Disability Rights Handbook: The price is £33.99 including postage and packing. £18.50 concessionary price if you are on benefits. If you have already pre-ordered, your handbook is being sent out. Order now

Factsheets and guides: The following have been updated..

  • Permitted work – This factsheet is about work you may do, including voluntary work, while claiming health or disability-related benefits.
  • PIP guide - Disability Rights UK has produced this guide to help you through the claiming process.
For further information on welfare rights, education issues and social care you will find our factsheets/guides here or for more detailed information you can order a copy of the Disability Rights Handbook from our shop

Free Webinar on neurodiversity and workplace adjustments: This webinar is presented by Professor Amanda Kirby who has over 25 years’ experience of working in the field of neurodiversity. She is a GP and has a PhD in developmental disorders. She has written extensively and lectured internationally and founded an run a clinic supporting adults for more than 20 years. Friday 11 May, 12.30pm – 1.30pm. Sign up now

You can now view slides from our Top Tips for Careers Advisers Working in Education webinar, presented by Caroline Papp, from Inspire Coaching

Disability Rights UK training: To learn more about training offered by Disability Rights UK please contact jason.jaspal@disabilityrightsuk.org


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Disabled peoples employment in London: Sadiq Khan was urged to boost disabled employment as a new Social Market Foundation report reveals huge gap in third of London boroughs. Read more

GDS want to interview people with access needs: UK GOV will be introducing new requirements on the accessibility of public sector websites. As part of this, the Government Digital Service will be trialling model statements to ensure that they meet the needs of disabled people. They are looking for 10-12 people with access needs to help them on the 16th and 17th of May. Participants will be compensated for their time with vouchers. Find out more

Charging for support – a tax on disability and old age: In 2017 the Independent Living Strategy Group put out a request for examples of where people had tried to challenge how their local authority was implementing the Care Act. The most common experience was where people challenged the amount they were being charged for community care. Read more about this contentious issue in Jenny Morris’ blog

Benefit changes chart: NAWRA have produced a mammoth 24 page chart of benefit changes from 2011 – 2016. Quite an achievement and a little depressing to read.






Getting to DR UK at Plexel: Free shuttle buses run from Stratford underground, train and bus stations from 7am to 10.30pm.

Free shuttle buses run from Stratford underground, train and bus stations from 7am to 10.30pm. There are two pickup points for the shuttle bus:

  • Bus stop E outside Stratford International
  • Bus stop W from the Stratford City Bus Station stop W (it only has one bus stop for all the buses leaving the station). For bus stop W head towards the Westfield exit of Stratford station and turn left. View map


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