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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news.
23.05.18 Contents:
The Carer’s Trap
D for Dementia…
Vegan shoes
Retirement study
Top 5 Moments That Matter
Latest Updates – Elected Office Fund
1. The Carer’s Trap

Our resident nutrition expert and former NHS dietitian, Mary Farmer, has written a moving article about caring, food, and the emotional carer’s trap it’s all too easy to fall into.

Musings prompted by her recent experience providing care for the sickly and rejected newborn lambs on a neighbouring farm.

You can read her article here.

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2. D for Dementia…

With Dementia Action Week in full swing, I have been reading an interesting book which offers a new perspective on the multitude of dementias we are prey to, and how much better we could manage them, if we stopped thinking that a cure might be found any time soon.

The two authors of The ‘D’ Word are both fully engaged working with people with dementia, but with different professional expertise. Mary Jordan is a dementia trainer and well-known writer on caring and dementia, while Dr Noel Collins is an old-age psychiatrist.

Find out more here

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3. Vegan shoes

You cannot fail to have noticed just how prevalent veganism currently is. The many benefits – health, environment and animal welfare – are convincing more people to adopt a vegan diet.

What you might not have given so much thought to is vegan shoes. Good quality footwear has just always been made from leather. Well that has now changed, and The Cordwainer has recently announced a new range of footwear made from high quality leather replacement products that are completely suitable for vegans.

More information here

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4. Retirement study

There is a new research project about to get going at Northumbria University. It will be focusing on retirement, specifically the transition from employment to retirement and the promotion of physical activity.

The researchers are looking to recruit participants for a five year study which will assess many factors that might be associated with a more positive retirement transition. They hope the information derived will help future retirees to plan for a healthy retirement, both physically and mentally.

Find out more here.

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5. Top 5 Moments That Matter

This is Children’s Hospice Week, and as promised we have the Top Five Moments That Matter, as decided by a survey of seriously ill children supported by children’s hospices.

Number one on the list, which I think we can all relate to – cuddles.

And you can find out the other four, as part of an article about Children’s Hospice Week, here.

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6. Latest Updates – Elected Office Fund

They say that a week is a long time in politics. Just seven days ago, I reported here that the government said more time was required to consider the future of the Access to Elected Office Fund, which has been suspended since May 2015. Apparently, they have now had sufficient time, as they have announced that the fund is to be reopened for disabled and deaf candidates standing for election from next year… A result!

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