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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news.
30.05.18 Contents:
Medication-related harm
Developments in eating and drinking aids
DFG Champions Roadshows
New adjustable beds
Accessible travel phrasebook
Latest – Young adults with CP; childhood obesity
1. Medication-related harm

A recent study found that medication-related harm (MRH) affected one third of elderly patients following hospital discharge – and that half of the incidents could have been prevented.

Polypharmacy, or taking multiple medications, is common as people grow older and develop more health conditions. They are at particular risk of medication-related harm, as a consequence, particularly at the time when they are discharged from hospital to primary healthcare, with changes in medications and unreliable information sharing between hospital and community services.

More details here.

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2. Developments in eating and drinking aids

We have an interesting new product showcased on Independent Living. The Obi from Cyclone Mobility is a feeding device that uses robotics to bring independence and dignity to people who can’t normally feed themselves.

A portable, battery-powered system that is quick to set up means freedom to enjoy a meal as a social occasion.

Find out more here

And we have information across the range of aids for eating and drinking here

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3. DFG Champions Roadshows

Foundations, the umbrella organisation for Home Improvement Agencies, is running its latest series of free information days about Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs).

The DFG Champions Roadshows are taking place in June, and there are spaces available at Coventry 5th June and Middlesbrough 21st June. The other two events, in London and Liverpool, are fully booked.

A significant new element will be the launch of Trusted DFG Assessor training – an initiative to overcome the problem of processing grant applications when there is a shortage of occupational therapists.

More information here

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4. New adjustable beds

Alpine HC has launched an elegant new range of adjustable beds.

From entry-level to premium, all are available in single, double and king-size, with a five-part profiling mattress platform. Apart from the strong overall design aesthetic, there are some interesting features to choose from, including padded upholstered mattress platforms, an anti-snore feature and control via a mobile phone app.

Find out more here.

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5. Accessible travel phrasebook

Lonely Planet has just launched their first accessible travel phrasebook.

Being able to speak a few words and phrases in the local language makes travelling to unfamiliar places a much richer and more enjoyable experience.

For travellers with a disability, it might be more vital to communicate specific needs – this free downloadable phrasebook helps out in 35 different languages.

Read more here.

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6. Latest – Young adults with CP; childhood obesity

A study at the University of Brighton would like to recruit young adults with CP who use a wheelchair on a full-time basis, and would be able to create a written account of their experience of transition from adolescence to adulthood – in order to throw light on what might promote positive life opportunities.

To find out more, contact Paul Boyle, senior lecturer in Occupational Therapy, by email or phone 01273 643874.

tackling childhood obesityI am pulled between sadness and fury at the thought of those 22,000 severely obese children leaving primary school, well set on their way towards an adulthood of unfitness, ill health and premature death. Surely we can do better? If you have any ideas, share them here!

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