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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news.
20.06.18 Contents:
Drunk or disabled?
Elegant accessibility from Closomat
Return of the Superheroes
Dementia-friendly Park
Improvements to PIP?
Latest – Parallel fun run moves to Glasgow
1. Drunk or disabled?

Artificial Intelligence, AI, is doubtless a useful tool in many ways, and companies around the world are scrambling to employ it to make their businesses more: efficient; profitable; focused on customers… you can really just pick any metric.

One of the latest is Uber. They have a new technology which, they say, will identify people who are drunk, from looking at the way they walk, type messages and hold their phone.

You won’t be surprised to know that this is causing alarm, not least amongst those of us who can think of many other explanations for untypical gait, typos or grip on a phone…

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2. Elegant accessibility from Closomat

Assistive technology products were for a very long time sold exclusively on function, without consideration for design aesthetics.

Then, with the arrival of mainstream manufacturers in the special needs marketplace, there was often a compromise over functionality to accommodate improvements in style.

Closomat has never been anything but a supplier of products for people with impairments – and they have now launched Asana, an automatic shower toilet that combines the latest engineering advancements with contemporary design.

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3. Return of the Superheroes…

…more specifically, Everyday Superheroes, as the sports series dedicated to the UK’s 13.3 million people with disabilities comes back to Dorney Lake in Windsor for the Superhero Tri on 18th August.

The event invites people with any kind of disability to go solo or unite with family and friends to take on unique challenges with as much or as little time and support as they need.

Gizmos and gadgets, from floats and boats to adaptive bikes and trikes, are positively encouraged, as are masks, capes and pants over tights. The emphasis is very much on fun!

More information here

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4. Dementia-friendly Park

The walking charity, Paths for All, has developed the first dementia-friendly park in Scotland.

Kings Park in Stirling has been transformed as part of a bid to make it more accessible to everyone. The changes should allow people living with dementia to enjoy, and feel safe in, this outdoor space.

More information here

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5. Improvements to PIP?

The announcement that Independent Assessment Services (IAS) and Capita would continue to carry out assessments for PIP for a further two years has not been greeted with unalloyed joy.

Sarah Newton, the Minister for Disabled People, has taken the opportunity to announce some changes that should improve assessment experiences.

There are more details here.

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6. Latest – Parallel fun run moves to Glasgow

In its third year of existence, Parallel – the UK’s largest all-inclusive mass participation event – will be taking place in Scotland. The award-winning fun run wants everyone to get active, saying ‘Start Together, Finish Whenever’

Parallel Glasgow will take place on 2nd September, and registration is now open.

More details here

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