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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news.
27.06.18 Contents:
Universal Credit update
Geberit equipment compatibility
Does the built environment work?
New MemRabel 2i dementia aid
Rivertime Regatta
Latest – Remap; New Changing Places
1. Universal Credit update

Universal Credit has been in the headlines recently for all the wrong reasons, as the National Audit Office confirmed the situation reported by many claimants: late payments, financial hardship, increases in food bank use.

We have updated the information in the benefits area of Independent Living, to reflect the current state of affairs.

This is the link

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2. Geberit equipment compatibility

Geberit, manufacturers of the AquaClean automatic shower toilet, have estimated that half of the wash and dry toilets installed with a Disabled Facilities Grant are used with a shower chair or some other assistive equipment.

Compatibility is therefore an important consideration, and they have three useful guides to help.

Find out more here

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3. Does the built environment work?

For many people with disabilities, the answer to that question would be a resounding “no”.

Poor design and planning has led to a range of daily barriers that need to be negotiated.

We have a guest blog written on behalf of a school for visually impaired pupils, which looks at the current situation on public spaces.

You can read it here

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4. New MemRabel 2i dementia aid

Easylink UK has a great range of aids and alerts to help family carers and people living with dementia or any other cognitive impairment.

The latest addition is the MemRabel 2i. With its own smartphone app, the unit can be set up by a carer at a distance, if necessary, to deliver unlimited timed prompts, display short video messages, photos or voice memos.

More information here

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5. Rivertime Regatta

The accessible Rivertime Regatta has recently taken place on the Thames.

What could be nicer than messing about in a boat while we are enjoying such beautiful summery weather!

There are more details here

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6. Latest – Remap; New Changing Places

As this newsletter makes its way to you, I will be at the Remap Awards ceremony, celebrating the most ingenious solutions they have come up with this year. Look out for them in next week’s issue! And meanwhile, why not take a look at some of last year’s winners.

Changing Places At Heartlands HospitalAnd the Changing Places campaign is enjoying a higher profile, but there is still a long way to go before we have enough fully accessible public toilet facilities. There is now one at Heartlands Hospital, the first in a hospital in the West Midlands.

More details here

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