Independent Living – Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news.

Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news.
01.08.18 Contents:
Alternative Green Paper…
Just 10 minutes a day
Inclusive transport strategy published
New ceiling hoist from Joerns
Channel 4 audio description
Latest – Withdrawing life-prolonging treatment
1. Alternative Green Paper…

It feels as though we have been waiting forever for the promised Green Paper on the future of adult social care.

Publication keeps being pushed back, and all the while the situation on the ground is becoming more critical.

The Local Government Association has decided urgent action is required, and they have launched their own Green Paper.

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2. Just 10 minutes a day

People with dementia who are living in care homes receive an average of just two minutes of social interaction a day.

Perhaps we should just pause a moment and consider how grim those lives must be.

A new study has found that it only takes 10 minutes of meaningful social interaction every day to make a significant difference to their well-being.

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3. Inclusive transport strategy published

In the past week, the Department for Transport has published its new Inclusive Transport Strategy. It aims to make transport fully accessible for people with disabilities both visible and unseen, between now and 2030.

Standout news for many – an extra £2 million to fund Changing Places at motorway services.

Standout omission? Nothing on aviation. That should be coming along later…

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4. New ceiling hoist from Joerns

Joerns Healthcare has added a new ceiling hoist to their Oxford range.

The Elara™ is a two-way hoist, available in two specifications, with a safe working load of either 227 kg or 284 kg.

Designed to meet the needs of users, caregivers and service personnel, it has a range of useful features, including unique illuminated end panels, which allow tasks to be completed more easily without disturbing the patient.

More details here

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5. Channel 4 audio description

This week, Channel 4 starts broadcasting an on-screen campaign to raise awareness of their Audio Description service.

It’s part of a pan-broadcaster campaign to reach out to people with visual impairment and make them aware of what is on offer, and is voiced by The Last Leg presenter Adam Hills.

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6. Latest – Withdrawing life-prolonging treatment

The beginning of this week saw the Supreme Court judgement in the case of Mr Y, a man left in a vegetative state following severe brain injury caused by a cardiac arrest. It stated that judicial oversight is not needed for the withdrawal of life-prolonging treatment from people with a prolonged disorder of consciousness, providing the individual’s doctors and family agree that this is in his or her best interests.

Writing a legally-binding Living Will in advance means no uncertainties or future legal disputes if the worst happens and you find yourself in a similar situation.

More details here

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