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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news.
29.08.18 Contents:
Accessible tourism
Stress at work
I Can, with help from Stannah
Maintaining lifestyle with dementia
Latest updates – Accessible Festival; hydration
1. Accessible tourism

The Ministers for Tourism and for Disabled People have joined forces to encourage tourism businesses to make sure that they are catering for the needs of disabled visitors and their families.

Tourism is a growth industry, now contributing £66 billion to the UK economy and employing 1.6 million people. If it is to continue to flourish, every part of it should be following the example of winners of VisitEngland’s Inclusive Tourism Award.

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2. Stress at work

Most of us will have had a break from work over the summer months. Did you return feeling bouncy and full of enthusiasm to get into the rhythms of working life? Or was the first Monday back greeted with anxiety and a degree of misery?

Many people experience stress at work, and nearly half don’t do anything about it…

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3. Charcot-Marie-Tooth

CMT Awareness Month is being launched by charity Charcot-Marie-Tooth UK this Saturday.  Last year, the campaign received an unexpected boost when former Girls Aloud star, Cheryl Tweedy, posted on Instagram about the condition, which affects her friend’s son.

This is a little known, genetic, neurological disorder that can cause uncontrollable pain, chronic fatigue and deformities in the hands, lower legs and feet, leading to balance problems and falls.

It is estimated that around 23,000 people in the UK have Charcot-Marie-Tooth, which is named after the three scientists who discovered it.

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4. I Can, with help from Stannah

Andover has a great new therapy centre, which can be used by all members of the community, whatever their age or ability.

Appropriately called “I Can“, the facility is far removed from the stereotypical image of competitive gym goers, straining to outdo each other and showing off intimidating physiques.

The exercise machines have just become even more accessible thanks to a new assistive, fully adjustable, REAL 9100 chair, funded by Stannah.

More details here

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5. Maintaining lifestyle with dementia

The University of Exeter has found success with a cognitive rehab technique they have developed, to help people living with dementia to achieve their goals in areas that matter to them – whether that is relearning how to use a mobile phone or household appliances, managing daily living tasks better, improving the ability to engage in conversation.

Following large-scale trials which proved the benefits of the therapy, known as GREAT, they are now hoping to roll it out more widely, with support from the Alzheimer’s Society.

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6. Latest updates – Accessible Festival; hydration

Edinburgh has made it to the end of the month-long craziness that is the Festival.

Residents can emerge from their bunkers and resume normal life, but who were the winners of the Euan’s Guide Accessible Edinburgh Festivals Award 2018?

Find out here

measuring daily water intakeFollowing Mary Farmer‘s article about the importance of hydration, one reader who got in touch asked quite reasonably how a person can translate the recommended daily intake into terms that make sense to someone who isn’t a scientist.

With an array of drinking vessels, our nutrition expert got to work!

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