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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news.
05.09.18 Contents:
Vouchers for social care
I wish I’d looked after my teeth…
New legal fund for transport problems
Shared ownership issues
New from Pivotell
Latest updates – OHMI
1. Vouchers for social care

Finally, it seems, everybody is talking about the crisis in adult social care funding.

Everybody except the government, of course, whose long-delayed Green Paper is now promised for the autumn sometime.

Talking is not enough, though – we need to do some radical rethinking if we are to have any chance of keeping up with the projected future needs of a growing population of frail elderly and disabled individuals who require round-the-clock care.

John Woodward OBE has taken his experience with childcare vouchers, and applied it to a new system of voucher funding for adult social care. Is this the way forward?

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2. I wish I’d looked after my teeth…

The much-loved poet and national treasure Pam Ayres is asked for her “Teeth” poem more often than any other. Which may indicate the extent to which many of us live with a mouthful of regrets for earlier bad habits and poor decisions.

In a new article about the corrosive effects of too much sugar, Independent Living’s own treasure, nutrition expert Mary Farmer, provides some sobering statistics, as well as helpful tips on taking care of those pearly whites…

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3. New legal fund for transport problems

Last week saw the launch of the #TransportJustice campaign, a legal fund set up to support disabled individuals to take action against rail and air transport companies for discrimination.

Although the Equality Act is supposed to ensure that services are accessible for all, in practice there are too many examples where passengers have been let down.

Since the Act puts the onus on the individual who has been disadvantaged to take action, and in many cases they don’t have the financial resources to go to court, it is hoped that the new fighting fund will allow more incidents of discrimination to be challenged.

More details here

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4. Shared ownership issues

Shared ownership schemes for buying a property in older age may appear an attractive way of “rightsizing” – moving into a suitable property at a reasonable cost.

The fact that the Older People’s Shared Ownership scheme is government-backed makes it feel even more trustworthy.

However, as one regular newsletter reader got in touch recently to point out, there are a number of potential problems.

Please get in touch with me by email if you are in a similar situation, with a view to collaborative action.

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5. New from Pivotell

Long-time Independent Living site subscriber Pivotell has just introduced some useful additions to their medication management range.

Weekly pill organisers in large and small formats allow users to keep track of daily doses. With innovative transparent roller shutter openings and red or blue bases, they are easy to open and to check for remaining pills.

A clever pill popper gun will be really helpful for anyone who struggles with blister packs…

More details here

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6. Latest updates – OHMI

Music is something that brings people together like nothing else, but it isn’t always easy for professional musicians with a disability to find a place in the industry.

The OHMI (One Handed Musical Instrument) Trust Gala Concert takes place this Friday, 7 September at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, featuring performances by virtuoso French horn player Felix Klieser (shown here) and The Petry Sisters – who all play with their feet.

Find out more here

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