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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news.
26.09.18 Contents:
Positive on Assistive Technology
National Eye Health Week
Inclusive wheelchair basketball!
Apps for wheelchair users
Support for carers – Scotland
Latest – Chronic constipation; Poss-ability TV
1. Positive on Assistive Technology

The government has responded positively to the recommendations of the Work and Pensions Committee on Assistive Technology (AT).

One recommendation it has not taken up is on enabling people to use their PIP daily living component to pay for AT in the same way that PIP mobility can go towards a car, scooter or power chair.

However, it has pledged to consider ways of achieving this once the National Audit Office has completed its review of Motability’s activities.

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2. National Eye Health Week

National Eye Health Week is designed to raise awareness of the importance of looking after your eyesight.

Vision is the sense that the majority of us most fear losing, but we are often quite hazy about what we should be doing to keep our eyes in good shape.

A lot of the healthy habits are exactly the same as those that keep the rest of our bodies and minds functioning well: eating a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables; regular exercise; not drinking too much alcohol. But then what to do about those hours spent staring at a screen?

We have eye care advice here

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3. Inclusive wheelchair basketball

Inclusive sport generally has me thinking about traditional activities made accessible for disabled participants, particularly wheelchair users.

Turning that notion on its head, this week has seen non-disabled people given an opportunity to participate in the action-packed sport of wheelchair basketball, while raising funds to support elite female Paralympic athletes who don’t have access to central funding.

More details here

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4. Apps for wheelchair users

Travelling around the UK isn’t always easy for wheelchair users. Many have faced prejudice while attempting to get around independently.

Comedian, Tanyallee Davis, recently suffered and expressed her humiliation on a train journey during which the driver insisted she move from the disabled space she was rightfully occupying, to make way for a woman boarding with a pram.

Situations such as this only highlight the need for accessible venues and spaces. With that in mind, Karma Mobility are sharing their favourite apps for easing accessible travel.

More details here

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5. Support for carers – Scotland

This is the month when the gap between support for family carers north and south of the border really becomes evident.

The first benefit to be handled by the Scottish Social Security Agency is Carer’s Allowance, which is being boosted with the addition of Carer’s Allowance Supplement (CAS), an extra £221 a year paid in two lump sums, the first arriving any time now for those who are eligible.

There is also a consultation on forthcoming financial support for young carers.

More details here

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6. Latest – Chronic constipation; Poss-ability TV

Chronic constipation is one of those things that affects many people – whether as a consequence of a disease or condition; side-effect of medication; or due to ageing.

If you can’t solve the problem through diet, taking ever-increasing quantities of laxatives is not an ideal solution. Win Health has an interesting and effective new alternative which is non-invasive and doesn’t have side-effects.

Read about it here

A new TV channel has just launched, Poss-ability TV, which will be focusing on topics of interest to people managing life with a disability. The first episode looks at the advantages of using an ergonomic mobility chair, or dedicated indoor wheelchair, with expert advice from Mercado Medic.

You can watch here

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