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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news.
10.10.18 Contents:
Funding for Citizens Advice
RIDI Awards
Backcare Awareness Week
Adapting for Ageing
Homelift Experts
Latest – Showers; Disability & built environment
1. Funding for Citizens Advice

Another chunk of government money is going to Citizens Advice and Citizens Advice Scotland, this time to fund the charities so that they can provide support for Universal Credit claimants.

The scheme will begin in April 2019, with an emphasis on digital support and managing a budget.

Both are undoubtedly needed. A fifth of applications fall at the first hurdle, failing to follow the procedure correctly. But given that an astonishing 82% of cases are overturned at Tribunal, you might think that other areas of advice – such as how to appeal – could be usefully pursued.

Read more here

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2. RIDI Awards

The Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative (RIDI) is the recruitment industry’s only disability awards, and entries are now invited for 2019.

Celebrating progress and recognising the success of organisations that are increasing the inclusion of disabled professionals, the awards are open to employers and recruiters.

Find out more here

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3. Backcare Awareness Week

We are now in the middle of Backcare Awareness Week. People working in the care sector and family carers are notoriously prone to back problems, with manual handling activities cited as a major factor.

Try and protect your back! A bit of forethought, and use of appropriate equipment both make injury less likely.

To put you on the right track, we have various resources on Independent Living:

Risk assessment and hoist FAQs

Smart Guide to Back Care  - review of Amanda Wakley’s useful book

Five key principles of moving and handling, courtesy of Joerns.

Do we need two people for every lift?

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4. Adapting for Ageing

A new report is published this week by the Centre for Ageing Better and Care and Repair, highlighting the acute need for homes to meet their occupants’ access requirements, and what councils and service providers are doing about it.

This is the counterpart to last week’s article about the need to build more accessible homes. More than 90% of people aged over 65 live in “normal” housing, rather than retirement schemes or sheltered housing. The majority want to carry on doing just that – but they need some help, to continue living independently in their own home for as long as possible.

Read about Adapting for Ageing here

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5. Homelift Experts

One increasingly popular step homeowners are taking in order to “future-proof” their property is installing a home lift.

A neat solution to travelling between floors without using the stairs, they can be a positive financial enhancement to the home, as well as a convenience even for people who don’t have mobility issues. No more lugging heavy suitcases or bags of laundry up and down, for example.

Our newest site subscriber, Homelift Experts, can offer three distinct ranges of lifts, including one that is suitable for properties with more than two storeys.

More details here

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6. Latest – Showers; Disability & built environment

We have recently updated the Independent Living section on accessible showers.

If you are considering replacing your bath with an easy-to-use shower, or you intend to start from scratch with a complete shower facility, you can see some of the options available and check out the various factors you need to consider.

Find out more here

The Women and Equalities Committee is hearing evidence today (Wednesday 10th October) from government ministers, following what they described as a disappointing government response to their report, Building for Equality: Disability and the Built Environment.

You can watch proceedings from 10.15 here

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