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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news.
31.10.18 Contents:
Disabled Access Day 2019
Fighting antimicrobial resistance
Innovating for Ageing
Getting a good night’s sleep
DFG Budget win
Latest updates – AAT; CareFlex
1. Disabled Access Day 2019

With six months to go, submissions are officially open for Disabled Access Day 2019 and venues are invited to submit their expressions of interest for the event on Saturday 16th March next year.

The 2019 event is championing Changing Places fully accessible toilets: venues that want to participate should have a Changing Places toilet on the premises or nearby.

Disabled people, their families and friends who wish to take part can also sign-up on the Disabled Access Day website to be kept informed of the events which will be happening in various locations on the day.

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2. Fighting antimicrobial resistance

We should all be worried about bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics. It’s happening at an accelerating rate, and if we don’t get a handle on it, routine surgeries and chemotherapy treatments could become too risky to undertake.

Rather than simply relying on pharmaceutical companies to produce new classes of antibiotic – which they have been notably slow about – could herbal remedies provide at least part of the answer?

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3. Innovating for Ageing

We are going to need lots of bright ideas to make life better and easier for people as they grow older. The Innovating for Ageing competition was set up earlier this year with the aim of identifying solutions to specific challenges faced by vulnerable consumers in later life.

77 submissions were received over the summer, and they have been narrowed down by the competition’s Advisory Board to a shortlist of 12.

Find out more about them here

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4. Getting a good night’s sleep

Did you feel the benefit of an extra hour in bed at the weekend? Or are you struggling to adapt to the change?

Our body clocks take a while to adjust, and the arrival of evening darkness an hour earlier can certainly have an impact on mood and energy levels.

Plenty of research points to the importance of getting enough restful sleep on a regular basis, to keep healthy both physically and mentally.

We have top tips on sleep here

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5. DFG Budget win

Despite the assurance that austerity is “coming to an end”, it is clear that not everyone has much to cheer about.

The £650 million for adult social care is a fraction of what is needed to close the funding gap, and there was no attempt to come up with a sustainable approach to meeting the growing care needs of an ageing population.

One ray of sunshine was the additional £55 million for Disabled Facilities Grants (not £45 million as initially reported). This was greeted as a vote of confidence in the programme by Paul Smith, Director of Foundations.

A new season of Champions Roadshows has just been launched, to help practitioners maximise the impact of DFG.

Read more and book here

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6. Latest Updates – AAT; CareFlex

Nice fresh showcase pages for two of our long-term site subscribers this week!

AAT is best known for their powered stairclimbers; ideal for getting wheelchair users up and down stairs. Did you know that they also have a great range of versatile and cost-effective postural management products?

AAT Stairclimbers
AAT Positioning & Mobility

CareFlex specialist seating

And specialist seating manufacturers, CareFlex, are covering the range of complex needs from paediatric to bariatric with their very well regarded seating solutions.

These address postural management together with comfort and pressure relief, as well as ensuring that the safety and well-being of carers is also considered.

CareFlex specialist seating

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