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21.11.18 Contents:
Lies, Damn lies & Statins!
SEND consultations
Your McKenzie friend
Adult Social Care Green Paper
The Mobility Furniture Company
Latest – And the winner is…; OT Show
1. Lies, Damn lies & Statins!

A recent study, published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, found that many people are not taking the statins prescribed for them to reduce cholesterol levels, either regularly, or at all.

How important is this? There is no shortage of information “out there” about statins, and it seems to be quite evenly distributed between support for taking them and the contrary.

I have no medical training, and wouldn’t dream of giving advice to anyone. But we do have an interesting article from our resident nutrition guru, Mary Farmer, highlighting the shifting sands of thinking on cholesterol.

And you can read more about the latest study here

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2. SEND Consultations

Councils around the country have been holding consultations on the future of SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) in their area.

Lots of painful decisions, as budget cuts are leading to reductions in services, and demand for support for SEND children is higher than ever.

In Staffordshire, for example, where they hope to educate more special needs pupils closer to home, the statistics are sobering…

Read more here

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3. Your McKenzie friend

We have had a couple of enquiries in the last week about McKenzie Friends, so it seemed like a good idea to revisit the essentials.

You don’t have to engage a solicitor or barrister to represent you in a court case. Many people can’t afford to do so anyway, and legal aid has become harder to access in most types of law.

If you are what is known as a “litigant in person” without legal representation, you are allowed to have support from a McKenzie Friend, so-called after the case that established the principle in 1970.

Find out more here

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4. Adult Social Care Green Paper

You may remember that the Local Government Association launched its own “green paper” on the future of adult social care in the summer, in exasperation at governmental reticence about delivering its own promised consultation.

The LGA received more than 540 responses from individuals and organisations, and says that the government must now make the case for national tax rises – including Income Tax and/or National Insurance – in order to secure the long-term future of adult social care services.

Find out more here

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5. The Mobility Furniture Company

Another new showcase page subscriber on Independent Living.

The Mobility Furniture Company has been around for more than 30 years, providing made-to-measure furniture to help with mobility and daily living challenges.

They specialise in rise and recline chairs, with matching settees and fixed chairs, and adjustable beds.

See more here

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6. Latest – And the winner is…; OT Show

Last week saw the presentation of the  2018 Stelios Awards for Disabled Entrepreneurs.

The winning finalist, who receives £30,000 for his business and mentoring from Sir Stelios, is Josh Wintergill, whose start-up, Able Move, is in the process of launching a sling to assist with transferring wheelchair users to and from plane seats.

More here

If all is going to schedule, I will shortly be rolling into Birmingham, to visit the OT Show. Assuming that you are reading this as soon as it arrives in your inbox! Hopefully, I will have some highlights of my time there to share next week.

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