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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news.
05.12.18 Contents:
MHRA shows its teeth
You want products?!
Accessible homes, unaffordable?
Lateral thinking at Remap
Dementia-friendly walking
Latest – Closomat for the family; Sleep and falls
1. MHRA shows its teeth

The internet is wonderful in many ways, but facilitating unscrupulous people to exploit and deceive others is not one of them.

After a three-year investigation, the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) has got their man, as “Notorious Noakes” is sentenced to prison for manufacturing and selling unlicensed medicine, and money-laundering.

Read more here

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2. You want products?!

Of course you do! One of the main reasons people visit Independent Living is to look for products and services to help with mobility and daily living.

We have just introduced a Product List as part of the main site navigation, which makes it even easier to find specific products, or those from a particular supplier.

Take a look!

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3. Accessible homes, unaffordable?

We know that there is a chronic shortage of accessible housing in this country. It has been estimated that the Treasury would be saving £1.6 billion a year, mostly on health and social care costs, if all UK homes were built to Lifetime Homes Standards.

We also know that housebuilders have been enjoying bumper profits, in part as a consequence of the government’s Help to Buy initiative pushing up prices.

So you might be shocked to discover that the industry body, the Home Builders Federation (HBF) has been lobbying hard against councils wishing to fix targets for building accessible homes, on the grounds that it would make housebuilding unprofitable.

More info here

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4. Lateral thinking at Remap

A very neat and reassuringly low-tech solution from Remap Scotland.

The owner of this spick-and-span kitchen struggled to open the window shown here, due to rheumatoid arthritis, very limited mobility and petite stature.

The answer lay in cheap plumbing supplies and ingenuity!

Find out more here

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5. Dementia-friendly walking

People living in care homes spend most of their day sitting or lying down. Not surprisingly, this increases their risk of physical and psychological ill health.

Keeping active in later life through strength and balance activities or chair-based exercises and short walks helps to reduce the risk of falls, apart from all the other benefits.

Dementia Friendly Walking is a project from charity Paths for All which has just received £50,000 funding to help get a culture of walking and physical exercise embedded in care homes.

More information here

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6. Latest – Closomat for the family; Sleep and falls

A family in south London found that they all preferred life with their Closomat shower toilet and vertical lifter, so when deterioration in the husband’s condition meant that he could no longer use an upstairs bathroom, they added a second similar installation downstairs, while retaining the original fixtures upstairs.

More information here

fall prevention

Risk of falling and poor sleep habits seem to be quite firmly linked.

A recent study has found that women who slept for fewer than five or more than ten hours a night had a 25% greater likelihood of falling more than once a year, compared with those sleeping the recommended seven to eight hours.

More on fall prevention here

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