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Welcome to the latest Independent Living news roundup.
27.02.19 Contents:
Care Act Conundrums
Start together, finish whenever
Accessible housing crisis
Senecto communication system
Closomat Palma Life
Latest – Access to Work; CPT Consultation
1. Care Act Conundrums

I am delighted to report that legal advice charity CASCAIDr has a new series of webinars for 2019.

Care Act Conundrums will help you understand the scope for real challenge and negotiation under the Care Act, and learn about the difficult or ambiguous bits that are stopping people from getting proper care packages signed off.

Get your skates on and you can sign up for the first one, on Assessment and Advocacy, which takes place tomorrow, 28th February.

You can read more here

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2. Start together, finish whenever

If you resolved to get more active this year, and perhaps your determination is flagging a bit – how about signing up for the award-winning all-ability Parallel fun run?

The fourth event is being held in partnership with the University of Nottingham on 19 May 2019.

There really is something for everyone, with fun runs from 5 km to 100 metres, and the popular 1 km Super Sensory course.

Read more here

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3. Accessible housing crisis

A shocking 93% of homes in the UK don’t meet basic accessibility standards.

Yet nearly three quarters of people in a recent poll for the Centre for Ageing Better believe that all new homes should be built to meet the needs of residents of all ages and abilities, and almost half think that society doesn’t do enough to support people to live safely and independently.

Many developers are reluctant to build accessible homes, frequently arguing that purchasers without specific needs won’t buy them. This poll suggests the opposite.

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4. Senecto communication system

An interesting new showcase page on Independent Living for Senecto, whose Amba communication system has been designed to help support people with dementia to live independently in their own home for as long as possible.

It’s an always-on device with a large, simple touchscreen, and it can be updated remotely by family and carers, using an app on laptop, tablet or phone.

Read more here

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5. Closomat Palma Life

Local authorities and housing associations are under acute financial pressure, it’s no secret. This has led to some nasty surprises, when clients discover that although their council has purchased essential equipment for them, they won’t pay for the equally necessary servicing and maintenance.

Closomat has come up with a neat solution: Palma Life is their automatic shower toilet complete with 10 years of service and maintenance, for one simple price.

Read more here

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6. Latest – Access to Work; CPT consultation

The maximum amount that people can claim annually from the Access to Work scheme will increase to £59,200 on 1 April.

The money is used to pay for additional support requirements in the workplace as the result of a disability. Last year, more than 27,000 people received support.

More info here

changing places campaign

Another step towards making Changing Places toilets a legal requirement. The Scottish government is holding a consultation on a proposal to ensure these facilities are included in certain types of larger new buildings. You can give your views here.

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