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Welcome to the latest Independent Living news roundup.
06.03.19 Contents:
All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Care
Today is Lymphoedema Day
Vaping and health
Waterless hygiene solutions
John’s Campaign
Latest – Organ donation; DFG champions
1. All-Party Parliamentary Group on Social Care

The green paper on adult social care may not be any closer to putting in an appearance, but the number of organisations expressing loud concerns is growing.

Last week saw the launch of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Care, under the auspices of the GMB Union, which represents many people working in the sector.

Tim Roache, GMB Union General Secretary, describes the care system as “crumbling beneath us because the funding isn’t there.”

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2. Today is Lymphoedema Day

The World Health Organisation estimates that over 150 million people worldwide suffer from secondary lymphoedema, resulting from infection, injury, trauma or cancers that affect the lymphatic system.

It can also be a side effect of certain cancer treatments, such as radiation therapy or the removal of lymph nodes. 

The Size Experts have written an article for us about living more comfortably with the condition.

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3. Vaping and Health

I am really concerned about the enthusiasm with which vaping is still embraced by Public Health England.

Despite growing evidence of harm – particularly to teenagers, who are taking up the habit with great enthusiasm – the organisation simply asserts that it is “95% safer than normal cigarettes”…

I’d love to know what you think! Vaping is, apparently, more effective than other nicotine substitutes at helping people quit, but should that trump all other considerations?

More details here

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4. Waterless hygiene solutions

If you have ever found yourself unable to bathe, shower or wash your hair, you know how miserable it feels.

It can be a consequence of illness, accident or immobility following surgery – but there is an effective solution.

New Independent Living site subscriber Waterless provides body washes and shampoo that don’t need water or rinsing, and leave you feeling fresh and clean.

Read more on their showcase page

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5. John’s Campaign

John’s Campaign is a movement to encourage hospitals and care homes to make family carers feel welcome, valued and useful, rather than firmly excluding them.

Like the campaigns fought in the 60s for parents to have the right to stay by their sick children in hospital. It would be unthinkable now if that were not the case – and it should be the same for all carers.

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6. Latest – Organ donation; DFG champions

Last week, England and Scotland both moved closer to a system of presumed consent for organ donation.

Max and Keira’s Law, named after the little boy whose life was saved by a heart transplant and the little girl whose organ made it possible, will come into force in England in 2020.

Wales already benefits from presumed consent – and a doubling of available organs in consequence.

More info here

DFG Champions roadshow

There are still places available on the DFG Champions Roadshow in April. They will be discussing the priorities of the DFG Review with talks from The Better Care Fund, Versus Arthritis, Trustmark and Goodgym.

You can find out more and book free here

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