Independent Living – Welcome to the latest Independent Living news roundup.

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Welcome to the latest Independent Living news roundup.
20.03.19 Contents:
The State of Ageing
See & Scoot
Disability benefits in Scotland
Rock against Dementia
Disabled Access Day
Latest – Design Council Spark; Remap at Naidex
1. The State of Ageing

As pensioner poverty rises for the first time in almost a decade, a report from the Centre for Ageing Better shows that a significant proportion of people are at risk of spending later life in poverty, ill-health and hardship.

The least well-off over-50s face far greater challenges than their wealthier peers, and are likely to die younger; become sicker earlier; and fall out of work due to ill-health.

You can read more here

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2. See & Scoot

Some of you may remember contributing to the Nottingham Trent University project on road safety for mobility scooter users.

I am pleased to report that the unique training video developed as a result is now available, and it’s free for anyone to use.

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3. Disability benefits in Scotland

Scottish Social Security Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville has launched a consultation on delivering fairer Disability Assistance benefits.

Already committed to a better, more dignified process than the current private-sector run benefit assessments, the Social Security Agency wants to ensure that the new Scottish benefits really meet the needs of claimants.

The consultation will close on 28 May.

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4. Rock against Dementia

Founder of the Purple Angel dementia awareness campaign, Norrms McNamara, is also involved with “World Rocks against Dementia” which is now in its fourth year.

It’s about music (really important for people with dementia), getting together and raising awareness. March 22 – 24 are the dates, and so far, you can see 104 events large and small on their Facebook page

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5. Disabled Access Day

Disabled Access Day took place last Saturday, embodying the excellent principle of trying something new in an atmosphere of welcome, inclusion and having fun.

A study released ahead of the event found that pubs are often harder to access than castles – which might limit the fun for some!

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6. Latest – Design Council Spark; Remap at Naidex

This year’s Design Council Spark is dedicated to a single theme, for a change. The programme helps take bright ideas and turn them into commercially viable products, through mentoring, funding and specialist support as necessary.

Home innovation products are in the spotlight for 2019 – anything to help support independent living could be eligible. Closing date is 12th April, so designers and entrepreneurs need to get busy!

More details here

And another speaker you won’t want to miss if you are going to Naidex next week – David Martin, Chief Executive of Remap will be talking about the value of bespoke equipment that exactly meets the needs of the user, to support independence.

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