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Welcome to the latest Independent Living news roundup.
26.06.19 Contents:
Stories of our Lives
Care assessment rights underlined
Probing elevated funeral costs
Blue Badge changes
New wall-hung Lima Vita
Latest – Equipment measurement project; Remap
1. Stories of our Lives

The latest research publication from the Chronic Illness Inclusion Project is now available.

Stories of our Lives recounts the lived experiences of five people with chronic illnesses, including the impact of energy impairment on every aspect, from day-to-day admin and healthcare, to caring for others and employment.

The organisation is also highlighting two surveys into the future of social security, which need input from people with chronic illnesses, to ensure that their needs are not overlooked.

Find out more here

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2. Care assessment rights underlined

The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman is reminding councils about disabled people’s rights when it comes to support during care assessments and reviews.

Suffolk County Council wrongly denied a deafblind couple the presence of their support worker during a care package review. The council insisted on an independent advocate instead, thus denying the couple their right to choose who they wanted to support them during the process.

You can find out more here

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3. Probing elevated funeral costs

The Work and Pensions Committee has been grilling funeral directors about the apparently inexplicable costs of even the most basic funeral.

It focused in particular on the growing disconnect between the charges made by businesses in this sector and the Funeral Expenses Payment which may be made to people on certain benefits to cover the costs of arranging a funeral for their loved one.

More details here

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4. Blue Badge changes

In what is billed as the biggest change since the 1970s, new guidance has been issued on Blue Badge eligibility.

As part of the drive to achieve parity of consideration between physical and mental impairments, some people with conditions such as autism and dementia will be eligible for a disabled parking permit.

Read more here

And there is still time to complete the DMUK Baywatch survey of supermarket parking.

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5. New wall-hung Lima Vita

Closomat’s new look Lima Vita wall-hung shower toilet provides all the advantages of a customisable automatic wash and dry toilet, within a perfectly stylish package.

A wall hung design offers considerable benefits not only aesthetically, but also in terms of hygiene and easier bathroom cleaning. With a Lima Vita, personal hygiene is also to the fore.

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6. Latest – Equipment measurement project; Remap

Brunel University still needs participants for research on measuring adaptive equipment at home.

If you are aged 60 or over, have access to a computer and Skype, and have difficulties with any aspects of daily living which you think could be helped by equipment such as stair rails, raised toilet seats or bed/chair raisers, you could help!

You can contact the researcher, Conor Acheson, directly by email or phone 0203 289 9245.

More details here

As this newsletter makes its way to you, I am heading south, for the annual Remap Awards in London tomorrow. The next issue will have details of the winners – and I can promise you a full complement of ingenious problem-solving!

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