Independent Living – Welcome to the latest Independent Living news roundup.

Welcome to the latest Independent Living news roundup.
04.09.19 Contents:
How to tackle malnutrition?
One of England’s first deaf jurors
Counting complaints isn’t smart
Safer patient handling
Branch Properties & Aspire
Latest – waiting on housing
1. How to tackle malnutrition?

Last week, I highlighted statistics from NHS Digital about worrying levels of malnutrition, particularly amongst elderly people.

Our resident nutrition expert, Mary Farmer, was on the case straightaway with an article looking at some of the reasons why we become more vulnerable to malnutrition with age, and some tips to maintain healthy eating habits.

Read more here

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2. One of England’s first deaf jurors

Courts in England have just had the benefit of a deaf juror for what was initially believed to be the first time. Since the news became public, however, two other deaf people have identified themselves as having served on juries in England or Wales.

Matthew Johnston, a 54 year old technology consultant who is profoundly deaf, sat as a juror in three trials at Blackfriars Crown Court, acting as jury foreman in two of them.

Find out why there aren’t more deaf jurors here

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3. Counting complaints isn’t smart

Local authorities responsible for social care have to produce an annual report of complaints received, but research from Healthwatch suggests that they are not profiting from the exercise as much as they could and should.

Rather than focusing on the quality of their complaint handling, and the lessons to be learn, there is a tendency to simply count numbers: fewer complaints = good news…

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4. Safer patient handling

Invacare is gradually rolling out a portfolio of safe patient products designed in collaboration with care professionals to make transfers safer and more comfortable for all concerned.

They also have “Knowledge Bank Kits” to support OTs and other professionals working in the community or care settings

Read more here

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5. Branch Properties & Aspire

Aspire, the charity for people with spinal cord injury, has teamed up with Branch Properties, to help in the challenge of finding a suitably accessible home.

Estate agents are rarely knowledgeable about the accessibility needs of someone with spinal cord injury, which leads to much frustration, missed opportunities and wasted time.

Read more here

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6. Latest – waiting on housing

You may have seen the interesting programme last week on ITV Tonight, about the critical shortage of suitable properties for a growing population of elderly people.

In truth, most of us want to stay in our own familiar home as we age, as long as it is safe and comfortable. If it isn’t, a Disabled Facilities Grant can help poorer homeowners with adaptations.

And what are the options for moving? Read more here

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