Independent Living – Welcome to the latest Independent Living news roundup.

Welcome to the latest Independent Living news roundup.
25.09.19 Contents:
More complaints reach ombudsman
200th Wheelyboat launched!
How many vaping deaths needed?
Care Act Conundrums
Latest – All-new MemRabel 2i
1. More complaints reach ombudsman

You would have to work hard to avoid being aware of the crisis in adult social care, so it is probably not surprising that the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman is investigating more and more complaints.

But complaints from people paying for their own care are not increasing as one would expect – showing a lack of awareness of this route to redress.

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2. 200th Wheelyboat launched!

I have written here before about Wheelyboats – the cleverly designed wheelchair accessible craft which enable people with limited mobility to take part in all sorts of waterborne activities, from fishing and wildlife watching to powerboating.

The Wheelyboat Trust, the charity behind the craft is not only marking its 35th anniversary, but has also just delivered the 200th vessel, which will be operating from the Conway Centre on the Menai Straits.

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3. How many vaping deaths needed?

Are you concerned about the enthusiasm expressed by Public Health England for vaping? Of course it is less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes, but their endorsement is bound to make what is still a fundamentally unhealthy thing to do seem okay.

Nicotine is really addictive, and doses from e-cigs can be higher than from their smoky cousins.

Increasing numbers of youngsters take up vaping, often enjoying the novel flavours, which you don’t get with normal cigarettes. Thus ensuring future generations of nicotine addicts – and now, the first trickle of associated deaths are being reported…

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4. EasyTravelseat

We have a really interesting new subscriber on Independent Living. Able Move was set up by Josh Wintersgill in an effort to solve the problems of getting on and off a plane with a mobility impairment.

After looking at the existing products on the market and seeking a solution to suit as many people as possible within the limits of airline measurements and requirements, the company produced easyTravelseat.

This neat, portable aid means that passengers with reduced mobility are not dependent on chance when it comes to arrangements for boarding and disembarking.

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5. Care Act Conundrums

Get your skates on, and you still have time to register for September’s CASCAIDr webinar, which takes place on Thursday (26th).

The topic this time is Supported Living – pros and cons. Are budgets based on assumptions about “shared care” lawful? Can a local authority insist on a person accepting a particular care provider as a condition of granting a tenancy? Knowing a bit about housing law can help you get a better outcome!

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6. Latest – all new MemRabel 2i

Anyone who has been patiently waiting will be pleased to know that the all new MemRabel 2i dementia aid is now available with iOS as well as Android set up app.

Medpage’s MemRabel 2i is the only memory prompting daily calendar clock that allows you to send reminder videos from your Smartphone to play automatically on an easy to see video screen.

More details here

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