Independent Living – Welcome to the latest Independent Living news roundup.

Welcome to the latest Independent Living news roundup.
09.10.19 Contents:
Happy Birthday, barcode!
Adults with CP
Stroke and fear
National Cholesterol Month
Dorset Orthopaedic
Latest – Alpine becomes Opera
1. Happy Birthday, barcode!

Actually, it was 40 years ago last week that the very first UK barcode was scanned – at a supermarket in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

Who would have guessed then the essential role this unassuming little piece of technology would play in keeping us safe and healthy? And enabling the success of many small businesses in the digital marketplace?

Find out more here

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2. Adults with CP

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a lifelong condition – yet NHS health services provided for children are very often not available to adults.

NICE has recently reviewed provision of services in this area, and highlighted the issues faced in many parts of the country.

Solicitor James Anderson has written an interesting article for us examining the current situation.

Read more here

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3. Stroke and Fear

Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the UK, and there are more than 1.2 million people here living with the consequences of one.

Overwhelmingly, their main emotion is fear: a large majority are so frightened of having another stroke that they daren’t go out. Fear itself is a big factor in hindering recovery.

Read more here

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4. National Cholesterol Month

It’s hard to believe that we need an awareness month for cholesterol, but apparently we do!

Certainly, the scientific understanding around healthy cholesterol levels and advice about managing them has changed with time, so maybe it is useful.

Our nutrition expert, Mary Farmer, has written on the subject for us, highlighting some of the ways in which medical thinking has changed.

It is well worth revisiting her article this month.

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5. Dorset Orthopaedic

A really interesting new showcase page subscriber on Independent Living – Dorset Orthopaedic.

The product shown here is Bioness L300 Go, which helps people with dorsiflexion weakness to raise their foot when walking, thus improving their gait and making movement safer and smoother.

It can be used in cases of drop foot, for knee instability and to promote muscle rehabilitation.

For users with diseases of the central nervous system, such as stroke, multiple sclerosis or infantile cerebral palsy, it stimulates the affected nerves and the muscles that they control.

See more about the Dorset Orthopaedic range here

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6. Latest – Alpine becomes Opera

Trusted experts in care beds, pressure care mattresses and rise and recline chairs, Alpine HC has recently changed its name to Opera Care.

Their products are used in a wide variety of care environments including NHS hospitals, care homes and private residences.

The company designs and manufactures its own range, producing elegant and high quality furniture.

You can see more on their showcase page

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