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Welcome to the latest Independent Living news roundup.
16.10.19 Contents:
Social care appeals
Legal action on transport access
Support during power cuts
PIP guidance on painkillers
Stelios Awards
Latest – New Bio Bidet remote
1. Social care appeals


Resources for adult social care have been cut to the bone. It is not surprising, therefore, that many people are unhappy with the care package provided for them.

But how to challenge it?

The quick answer is that it usually isn’t very obvious – only one in five councils has a dedicated appeals procedure. More often, people have to go through a long drawn out and slow complaints system, while they are left with inadequate care or unfair charges…

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2. Legal action on transport access


The latest legal support development from the EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission) is concerned with access to public transport.

They can offer advice and funding for legal action in cases of discrimination which have taken place in the last six months, in England, Scotland or Wales.

Solicitors and advisors can apply on behalf of clients they are representing. If you are an individual who has been unable to find a solicitor, you can make the application on your own behalf.

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3. Support during power cuts


I am looking forward to a day without power next month, as the supply infrastructure in our village is upgraded. A temporary annoyance for me, but it could be life-threatening for anyone dependent on electricity for medical equipment, for example.

Power companies maintain a list of vulnerable customers, and take steps to keep them connected in case of power cuts. This usually means a diesel generator, which is noisy and polluting.

Northern Powergrid has a project to develop electric vans with on-board energy storage systems – a quiet and environmentally responsible way to keep customers connected in an emergency.

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4. PIP guidance on painkillers


We are all suddenly and shockingly aware of the extent of opioid addiction. GPs are encouraged to be cautious with prescriptions of painkillers, and try to help people to find other ways of managing chronic pain.

Yet until recently, PIP assessors were told to look at people’s use of strong medication as an indicator of the impact pain might have on their life.

The latest guidance should help people with chronic conditions avoid being penalised by the system if they don’t appear to be taking enough drugs…

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5. Stelios Awards


Winners have been announced for this year’s Stelios Awards for disabled entrepreneurs.

Run jointly by the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation and the charity Leonard Cheshire Disability, the awards recognise the achievements of disabled entrepreneurs and businesses run by disabled people.

This year’s prize fund is bigger than ever, and there is a new Judges’ Prize.

Find out the winners here



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6. Latest – New Bio Bidet remote


PDS Hygiene has a new remote control for their Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000 model. The development follows consultations with occupational therapists and users, and features an improved layout and labelling as well as buttons which provide more positive sensory feedback.

You can find out more about all the new features of the remote for this widely specified bidet toilet seat here.

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