Independent Living – Welcome to the latest Independent Living news roundup.

Welcome to the latest Independent Living news roundup.
30.10.19 Contents:
Social care focus on independent living
Getting physical
Update on Universal Credit Ads
Strawberry Fields Forever-y one!
Mobility scooters need a rethink
Latest – MASIS; Coming up…
1. Social care focus on independent living

Last week, I reported that government expects specialist housing to play a key part in solving the adult social care crisis, enabling people to live independently for longer in suitable properties.

The social workers’ professional body, BASW, has also produced a paper highlighting the importance of promoting independent living, and saying that care plans should be recording unmet needs…

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2. Getting physical

For the first time since the heady summer of 2012, when we were all blown away by the Paralympics, and many disabled people were inspired to take up sport, the numbers who are physically active have gone up.

However, there is still a big gap between the percentage of the population in general classified as inactive and the numbers of those with a disability or long-term health condition.

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3. Update on Universal Credit ads

It was back in July that the Advertising Standards Authority announced a formal investigation into the notorious DWP “advertorials” for Universal Credit, which launched in May.

A written Commons question has revealed that both the Government Legal Department and the ASA itself were consulted by the DWP before the advertorials were run – which may make the ASA’s investigation slightly tricky… No ad agencies or consultancies were involved in the project, which is rumoured to have cost £200,000.

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4. Strawberry Fields Forever-y one!

The original Strawberry Field that inspired the Beatles song was a Salvation Army-run orphanage near John Lennon’s home.

The iconic location has now been opened to the public for the first time, and it really is open to everyone, as facilities include Changing Places fully accessible toilet installed by Closomat.

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5. Mobility scooters need a rethink

There is an article on Independent Living which has, I think, garnered more comments than any other, and without any efforts to promote it.

It is about mobility scooters, and particularly their legal status, with the original content contributed by a solicitor, explaining that they are not technically considered to be vehicles, and are therefore not subject to drink drive legislation.

There are comments from scooter users questioning their legal obligations; people who have been injured/had damage caused by scooters; scooter users and pedestrians who have been injured by bicycles… The issues are many and varied, but questions about training and third-party insurance arise frequently, and suggest that perhaps we need to rethink the status of these essential mobility aids.

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6. Latest – MASIS

Our friends at MASIS (Mobility And Support Information Service), the charity dedicated to promoting inclusion and equality for people with disabilities, have a new website.

You can check it out here, and watch an interview recorded with the founder, Peter Lyne, who explains why he set up the organisation and what he wants to achieve.

We are very nearly at November, the month which is dedicated to pressure care and the avoidance of pressure sores. This is always a topic of great interest on Independent Living, and I can promise you a unique take on the subject… You will have to wait for more information!

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