Independent Living – Welcome to the latest Independent Living news roundup.

Welcome to the latest Independent Living news roundup.
27.11.19 Contents:
Double handed care reviewed
Rethinking Pain
The Marketplace & I
New future-proofed bath from Abacus
Making sense of assessments
Latest – December 3 IDPD
1. Double handed care reviewed

I start this week with an article that will be of particular interest to occupational therapists, and anyone whose care requirements include being transferred.

Independent OTs Matthew Box of (shown here) and Linda Agnew reviewed double-handed care packages for a local authority, busting the “two carers for every lift” myth and delivering positive results for clients, carers and the LA.

Read their account here

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2. Rethinking Pain

Managing chronic pain is not easy.

Taking pain-relieving drugs can help up to a point, but we are in an “opiate crisis”, where painkillers have been over-prescribed and pharmaceutical companies accused of downplaying their risks, resulting in many patients becoming addicted.

A new book, Rethinking Pain by Dr Helena Miranda, offers a whole self-help kit of information and practical “tools” to help people who live with chronic pain.

Read Mary Farmer’s review here

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3. The Marketplace & I

An interesting project led by Dr Leighanne Higgins, of Lancaster University Management School’s Marketing Department has involved disabled people and carers producing artworks that reflect the commercial experiences of disability.

The resulting collections can be seen at The Storey, Lancaster from 4 to 7 December.

We have more about the project, including some images of the works, here

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4. New future-proofed bath from Abacus

Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions has a new larger hi-lo bath, the Aries 2000.

Building on the existing Aries 1700 and 1800 baths, the pioneering Aries 2000 is a generous two metre long solution that provides comfort and support for a wider range of disabled bathers.

It provides an extra-long, deeper and wider experience ideal for larger children, teenagers and adults, so appropriate bathing can be provided for longer.

Read more here

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5. Making sense of assessments

Normally speaking, I would say that a little quiz is a light-hearted diversion.

But if you do the MS Society quiz about benefits assessments, you will see that it is not funny at all.

Try it, particularly if you have never had to go through an assessment yourself, and see whether you can make sense of the process!

Here it is

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6. Latest – December 3 IDPD

December 3 is the International Day for Persons with Disabilities or IDPD for short.

It is often a catalyst or focal point for activities designed to raise awareness of issues around disability: this is the start of UK Disability History Month, for example.

More about IDPD here

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