Independent Living – Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news roundup.

Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news roundup.
22.01.20 Contents:
PIP & ESA claims update
Resources for deaf rail travellers
Disabled Sailors Association
Care Act Webinar – How to complain
Toileting and obesity
Latest – Healthy Housing Awards
1. PIP & ESA claims update

The DWP has released their latest statistics about benefit claims.

A mixed bag, but there are some standout figures which are difficult to explain, most notably the fact that fewer than one third of new PIP claims are successful.

This is a continuing trend, which has seen monthly declines in the percentage of successful claims, from 42% when the award was first introduced.

More on the numbers here

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2. Resources for deaf rail travellers

11 million of us live with deafness or hearing loss, which can make travelling a bit of a challenge. Railway station announcements are notorious for being hard to decipher at the best of times!

But rail services have been working on a range of solutions to improve the situation.

More information here

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3. Disabled Sailors Association

I was tempted to include this simply for the uplifting effect of the glorious picture on a cold grey January morning!

But more importantly, the Disabled Sailors Association is looking for 1000 wheelchair users who would be interested in sailing such a magnificent craft, with full wheelchair access to all controls.

More details here

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4. Care Act Webinar – How to complain

The final webinar in CASCAIDr’s valuable series on the Care Act is coming up on 30 January.

Appropriately, it is focused on how to complain. I know from my inbox that many people have issues – frequently serious – with their local authority when it comes to care needs assessments and provision of services.

Rather than simply feeling helpless and overwhelmed, you can arm yourself with crucial information about complaints, legal remedies and compensation, for the very modest sum of £15.

Find out more here

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5. Toileting and obesity

New figures taken from the Health Survey for England show still-increasing rates of obesity. Currently, a quarter of the population is classified as obese.

We hear a lot about the impact this has on health, but very little concerning the problems it can cause with personal hygiene.

A standard toilet is designed for a user within a standard size and shape range. Outside these parameters, problems can arise. Closomat is addressing them with their bariatric shower toilet.

Read more here

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6. Latest – Healthy Housing Awards

Foundations, the umbrella body for Home Improvement Agencies, has launched this year’s National Healthy Housing Awards.

With several new categories included, they would like to see entries from a wider range of roles, and project nominations from across the sector, demonstrating the vital difference that is being made.

Read more here

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