Independent Living – Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news roundup.

Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news roundup.
05.02.20 Contents:
Beware of wild animals!
Rapid response teams
iMEDicare – Pelvic Health Naturally
Access Your Life
Treating pain with stem cells
Latest – Update on Severe Disability Premiums
1. Beware of wild animals!


In his latest article for Independent Living, contributor Philip Anderson reflects on scary experiences in his powered wheelchair when among able-bodied people in public spaces.

They involve a slew of wild animals – in his head, at least!

Why a giraffe?

You’ll have to read the article…



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2. Rapid response teams


It is no secret that the NHS is carrying much of the burden of cuts to adult social care, in the form of extra emergency admissions to hospital and delayed discharges, as people are left with no support to enable them to return home.

Urgent community response teams, including professionals from both health and social care, will start operating in April, initially in seven areas.

They are expected to swoop into action within two hours, to support older people to remain safely at home.

More information here



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3. iMEDicare – My Pelvic Health


We have a really interesting new showcase page subscriber on Independent Living.

Incontinence is something that affects as many as 7 million people in Britain, and it isn’t just a problem for women. We are mainly too embarrassed to talk about it, so accurate numbers are difficult to obtain.

iMEDicare – Pelvic Health Naturally has put together an innovative range of continence aids for men and women, including both leakage control and pelvic floor training devices.

Well worth a look for the latest solutions!



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4. Access Your Life


Our friends Felix and Lauren at Access Your Life have just launched their all-singing-and-dancing new website.

It’s the place to check out real user reviews of mobility aids, including manual and powered chairs; find or sell preowned equipment; and follow the AYL blog, where among other things, you can find Lauren’s tips for enjoying life despite chronic illness and disability.

Why not pay a visit!



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5. Treating pain with stem cells


I wrote recently about the problems associated with long-term opioid use in pain management among people with dementia.

So many older and disabled people live with constant pain, finding ways to manage it without pharmaceuticals is really important. I was fascinated to discover that human stem cells have just been used successfully for the first time for lasting pain relief without side-effects.

So far, only mice have been the recipients of the treatment, but if safety trials go well, it is moving towards roll-out for humans with chronic pain in about five years.

Find out more here



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6. Latest – Update on Severe Disability Premiums


The gross injustices experienced by severely disabled people over Universal Credit are still rumbling on.

You may recall that the DWP was directed to compensate people who had lost benefit when they were obliged to move to UC, and consequently missed out on severe disability premiums they should have been entitled to.

The DWP has now also lost in the Court of Appeal.

Read more here


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