Independent Living – Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news roundup

Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news roundup.
17.06.20 Contents:
How a bumblebee helped me
Government funding Changing Places
Social landlords and DFG
Flying with a disability
Is it really Test and Trace?
Latest – Scottish COVID survey
1. How a bumblebee helped me…


…during lockdown

Our regular columnist Philip Anderson can always be counted on for a fresh perspective on issues that affect many.

In his latest article he reflects on how a bumblebee helped him find his equilibrium amid the confusion and isolation caused by Covid-19.

He shares the ten truths that have helped sustain him on becoming increasingly disabled, which apply equally now.

Read How a Bumblebee Helped Me During Lockdown



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2. Government funding Changing Places


As we begin to return to a degree of normality, where would YOU like to see Changing Placesfully accessible public toilets?

Closomat reminds us that there is a pot of Government funding available to have these special toilets installed where you need them, for free.

As well as funds specifically for NHS Acute Hospital Trusts, and for motorway services, there is a further £30 million committed to a dedicated Changing Places Fund for venues of all types.

Read more here



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3. Social landlords and DFG


Foundations has launched a new research project designed to help social landlords support more of their residents to live in accessible homes.

The Government-funded national body for home improvement agencies is looking at how housing associations and other registered providers carry out a range of home adaptations – from grab rails and stairlifts to changes that help tenants with sight loss or dementia.

Their survey closes on 26 June, so you need to get moving if you would like to participate!

Read more here



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4. Flying with a disability


The aviation industry has been giving a lot of consideration to passengers’ likely attitudes to air travel following the pandemic.

The expectations and forward plans of travellers with special needs don’t seem to have figured, so easyTravelseat conducted a global survey to find out what people with a disability are thinking about the risks and attractions of flying at the moment.

You can find out more here



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5. Is it really Test and Trace?


A key component of moving the country from lockdown to something closer to normality is the government’s Test and Trace programme.

Test and Protect is the Scottish equivalent; Test, Trace, Protect in Wales.

Wherever you live, the essentials are the same: get a test if you develop symptoms, and if the test is positive contact tracers will be in touch with you and then anyone you have been in contact with.

But how can you tell whether the person phoning you is genuine?

How to avoid being scammed here



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6. Latest – Scottish COVID survey


I wrote here a few weeks ago about a University of Stirling study into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on social contact, loneliness, wellbeing and physical activity in older adults.

It is an important topic for us to get a handle on as quickly as possible, so I am pleased to say that the survey is now open for participation by people living anywhere in Scotland.

More details here


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That’s it until next week!

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