Independent Living – Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news roundup

Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news roundup.
22.07.20 Contents:
Being yourself
Hidden in Heritage
FOP and Ambulance Red Flags
High-tech facemasks
Accessibility = success
Latest – Changing Places result!
1. Being yourself


“If I was a book, the jacket has been removed, or changed. It’s still the same book.”

Another wonderful, thought-provoking article from regular contributor Philip Anderson. He muses on the challenges of being true to yourself, and coping when unwelcome changes lead others to perceive you differently.

Read his wise words here - and add your comments!



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2. Hidden in Heritage


There is a new event taking place on Saturday 1st August: Hidden in Heritage is believed to be the world’s first festival exploring what life was like for people living with hidden disabilities in the past.

Delivered entirely online, it will look at the ways in which progress was made to improve their quality of life and develop a more inclusive world, and how experiences varied depending on which countries they lived in.

Read more here



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3. FOP and Ambulance Red Flags


FOP (Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva)is an extremely rare and very disabling genetic condition.

Essentially, tissues such as muscle and tendon turn into bone, restricting movement and eventually forming a second skeleton, imprisoning the body.

All sorts of things trigger this, including normally routine medical procedures – so the charity FOP Friends has produced a sheet detailing the ways in which you can advise your local Ambulance Trust if you have any condition which requires special treatment.

Read more about FOP here and you can also download the updated information sheet



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4. High-tech facemasks


Grabbing a facemask as you leave the house is becoming an automatic reflex.

Their use is increasingly mandated in closed environments, and it feels in any case the right thing to do – unless you have a condition that means you are unable to.

Independent Living subscriber Airospring, better known for pressure care cushions, is also now producing a breathable mask from their hi tech knitted spacer fabric with anti-viral coating.

More details here



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5. Accessibility = success


Champion para-rower Benjamin Pritchard ascribes his sporting success to being able to concentrate on what matters.

Part of that process involved making his home environment as accessible as possible.

Stiltz homelift has given him safe and convenient access between ground and first floors – no more “bum-shuffling” up the stairs…

More details here



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6. Latest – Changing Places result!


It isn’t very often that accessible toilets hit the mainstream media, but it happened this week with news released on Changing Places Awareness Day that the government is to make them compulsory in new public buildings.

This is a great result for campaigners who have been lobbying for the inclusion of fully accessible facilities in more places, to help the 250,000 severely disabled people who are otherwise limited in where they can go and how long they can stay.

More details here


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