Independent Living – Welcome to this week’s Independent Living roundup

Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news roundup.
05.08.20 Contents:
Housing and inclusivity
Social care statistics
New pressure relief system
Mandatory reconsiderations unlawful
Recover, Reset, Regenerate
Latest – Find the perfect…
1. Housing and inclusivity


Architect and access consultant Jane Simpson has written a great article for Independent Living about accessible homes and some of the reasons why we don’t have enough of them…

Housing is a bit of a theme this week!

Building Regulations, which impose minimum standards, are not necessarily focused on universal inclusivity, and the Equality Act has nothing to say about housing. Local authorities may, or may not, consider the requirement for accessible homes in their area and constrain property developers accordingly.

Read her article here



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2. Social care statistics


One of the issues that emerged during the earlier stages of the pandemic response in Britain was the patchiness of data available about social care.

In fact, even before coronavirus raised its ugly head, papers had been published showing the gaps in evidence about social care across the four home nations.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, as they say, and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) is taking various steps to improve the availability of reliable information in this sector.

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3. New pressure relief system


Dan Medica South is our newest subscriber on Independent Living, and they have a really interesting pressure care technology which provides a cost-effective alternative to alternating air mattresses and cushions, clinically proven for patients at high risk of pressure damage.

Treat Eezi is based on a quadruple layer of very fine polyester fibres that move gently with the patient to prevent chafing while allowing air to circulate.

You can find out more on their showcase page 



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4. Mandatory reconsiderations unlawful


Mandatory Reconsideration - anyone unfortunate enough to have to deal with the benefits system knows that those two words essentially mean weeks of delay before they are allowed to make an appeal against a decision.

Sometimes there is a small ray of sunshine, however. The High Court has recently ruled that it is unlawful for the DWP to make claimants of Income Related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) wait for MR before lodging their appeal.

More details here



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5. Recover, Reset, Regenerate


The coronavirus pandemic shone a pitiless light on the social care sector.

Forced discharges from hospitals into care homes, which spread the virus through vulnerable populations counterposed against people isolated in their own often unsuitable homes, depending on others for care and support.

Both achieved the goal of protecting the NHS, but at significant cost.

Recover, Reset, Regenerate was a recent virtual conference held jointly by Foundations, ADASS and Housing LIN, which highlighted the central role that housing must play in any future reimagining of social care.

Find out more here



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6. Latest – Find the perfect…


Home! Lockdown led some of us to fall in love with our space all over again, lavishing care and attention on it to bring out the best. For others, it highlighted the shortcomings, and inspired a quest to move on to somewhere better.

If “more accessible” was top of your list, The Ultimate Guide to Finding an Accessible Home will be your invaluable partner in the project. Brought to you by property experts Branch Properties and online lifestyle publication Disability Horizons.


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That’s it until next week!

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