Independent Living – Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news roundup

Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news roundup.

02.09.20 Contents:

• Funding for hospital discharges

• Pandemic effects on disabled people

 Facemasks and deaf children

 Vital role of friendship

 Green prescribing

 Update – IPES

Funding for speedier hospital discharges

1. Funding for hospital discharges

The NHS can now access £588 million of funding to support patients for up to six weeks as they leave hospital and return home.

It is hoped that this will help to speed up hospital discharges, supporting people through recovery and rehabilitation in their own home.

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Kate Stanforth wears hoodie

2. Pandemic effects on disabled people

Well-being and access to healthcare services are preoccupying people with a disability more than the population at large during this pandemic.

They are also more likely to be going out to attend medical appointments or take care of other people; less likely to leave home for leisure or work.

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Universal Back For AAT Stair climbers

3. Facemasks and deaf children

Facemasks are being worn in more situations, and are increasingly finding their way into schools.

We are all very keen to do what we can keep infection levels as low as possible, but spare a thought for deaf children. If face coverings become routine in classrooms, it will be even harder for them to follow lessons.

Two-thirds of parents just wouldn’t send their deaf child to school in these circumstances…

More details here

Access to work scheme Extended

4. Vital role of friendship

It’s Friendship Month in September, and one of the things the lockdown showed us was just how important our connections with other people are.

The Oddfellows have been going since 1810, and are still supporting members through difficult times. 2020 has seen inevitable changes, but they are still celebrating Friendship Month in a big way.

More details here

Pilot study For green prescribing

5. Green prescribing

The government is investing £4 million in a two-year pilot to bring green prescribing to four urban and rural areas that have been badly affected by coronavirus.

I don’t think many people will need persuading that access to green space is good for physical and mental health – but there are still questions to be answered.

What is green prescribing? Find out here

Intensive personalised employment support

6. Update – IPES

Intensive Personalised Employment Supportwas actually launched by the government in December 2019, as part of their plans to try and reduce the disability employment gap.

Support into employment is probably more important than ever, amidst the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. So I am pleased to update the information we have on Independent Living. At the launch, IPES did not appear to be open to people on benefits – but this is apparently not the case.

Anyone of working age and with a disability or long-term condition can apply, as long as they live in England or Wales.

More details here

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