Independent Living – Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news roundup

Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news roundup.

09.09.20 Contents:

• What’s going on with CHC?

• CASCAIDr on You and Yours

 Find a Chatty Café!

 Judd Medical

 Guidance on guiding

 Update - APPG for disability


1. What’s going on with CHC?

I mentioned in the last newsletter that CHC (NHS continuing care) assessments are now underway again – in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – following their suspension due to coronavirus.

So it is probably a good moment to look again at just why the system is so dysfunctional, and leaving so many extremely sick and often elderly individuals without the financial support to which they are legally entitled.

With thanks to retired Rear Admiral Phillip Mathias for his dogged determination to hold both government and NHS to account.

Read more here

APPG on Disability

2. CASCAIDr on You and Yours

Local authorities are increasingly cutting people’s care packages. The Emergency Powers billbrought in because of the pandemic suspends some of their legal duties, which gives them scope for not meeting peoples’ eligible needs, unless this would be a breach of their human rights.

BBC Radio 4′s You and Yours is looking at the legality of these cuts today (Wednesday) at 12.20. They will be talking to Belinda Schwehr of legal advice charity CASCAIDr.

Read CASCAIDr on Care Act “easements” here

Chatty Cafes To combat loneliness

3. Find a Chatty Café!

No apologies for returning to the topic of loneliness this week. It is a real scourge, with effects on physical and mental health for anyone who is feeling lonely.

I have just come across Chatty Cafés, which offer a simple solution for people who are isolated. Instead of sitting alone with your coffee, you can join their designated “Chatter and Natter” table – where you will find people who are happy to chat!

More details here

Judd medical, new subscriber

4. Judd Medical

Our newest subscriber on Independent Living is Judd Medical, a well-established supplier of medical and care products to the NHS and care sector.

Particularly important these days is their infection control range, which includes both disposable and reusable products, including facemasks, gloves and aprons. They even have a “Back to school kit” so parents and carers can be sure their children have the right protective equipment.

Their showcase page is here

Guidance on guiding Visually impaired people

5. Guidance on guiding

The RNIB has been campaigning for the government to give clear guidance on how blind and visually impaired people can be guided safely in the coronavirus world.

The Department of Health and Social Care has now joined Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in confirming that blind and partially sighted people can be guided by someone living outside their household if necessary.

We have the RNIB’s tips on safe guiding here

APPG on Disability

6. Update – APPG for Disability

A new National Strategy for Disabled People has been in the works for a while now.

I understand that it will be published early in 2021 – and the prime minister is on record with a commitment to make it “ambitious and transformative“.

Just in case that commitment is insufficient, the APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) for Disability is calling for a disability-inclusive response to COVID-19 to help ensure that disabled workers are not left further behind in the coming recession.

More details here

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