Independent Living – Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news roundup

Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news roundup.

16.09.20 Contents:

 “Impossible” respite care

• The War on Disabled People

 Sanitiser – need to know!

 Pension Credit take-up

 38 Blue Badges per bay

• Latest – Terry Lifts


COVID Restrictions Prevent respite care

1. “Impossible” respite care

Government guidance is making emergency respite care impossible, according to Revitalise. Pressures on unpaid carers, nursing and caring for a seriously ill or disabled loved one, 24 hours a day, have become intolerable.

The Coronavirus Act has allowed Local Authorities to cut their duty of care responsibilities towards disabled and elderly people. As a result, desperate families have been stripped of valuable home and community support at a time when they need it most.

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Laura Graham Reviews The war on disabled people

2. The War on Disabled People

Punitive welfare regimes, the removal of essential support and services, and an ideology that seeks to deny disability has resulted in a situation described by the UN as a ‘human catastrophe’.

Independent Living columnist Laura Graham reviews “The War on Disabled People“, Ellen Clifford’s book exposing the systematic marginalisation of the most vulnerable, and the way that the “Kafkaesque bureaucracy” of the benefit system instills fear and anxiety.

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Alcohol-free sanitiser from Waterless

3. Sanitiser – need to know!

Some timely information about alcohol-free sanitisers from Independent Living subscriber, Waterless.

I for one believed that alcohol was necessary for killing viruses - not true!

More details here

Pension Credit Take-up low

4. Pension Credit take-up

Just six in ten of the poorest pensioners are receiving the pension credit they are entitled to.

The failure to deliver Pension Credit to 1.06 million older people who are entitled to it is costing the health and social care systems in Great Britain an estimated £4 billion per year, according to older people’s charity Independent Age.

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Too many blue badges

5. 38 Blue Badges per bay

If you are a Blue Badge holder, and you have been struggling to find an unoccupied disabled parking bay, it is probably not surprising.

According to data obtained from Freedom of Information requests made by confused .com, there are 38 badge holders per parking space…

More details here

Terry lifts' Export-led COVID Recovery

6. Latest – Terry Lifts

Independent Living subscriber Terry Lifts is a British manufacturing success story, and the company found that strong export demand led the way in COVID recovery.

Having maintained the production of spare parts for servicing and repairs throughout, they were then able to resume lift manufacture after just a few weeks, working with a robust UK-based supply chain.

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