Independent Living – Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news roundup

Welcome to this week’s Independent Living news roundup.

11.11.20 Contents:

• A Better Way?

• Broadband – How to choose?

 Learning Disability Work Week

 Pension Credit action needed

• Overlooked in the pandemic

• Latest - Accessible homes

A better way of delivering better care?

1. A better way?

Build back better” is a catchy notion. Coronavirus may have knocked us all sideways, but that can be a positive if it also shakes up complacency and an adherence to the status quo.

Is there a better way to deliver better care? Many of us would like to think so, and we have an interesting article from Peter Wingrave of AAT GB which suggests beginning with a look at how the Better Care Fund could be doing more.

Read his article here

How to choose your broadband provider

2. Broadband – how to choose?

One thing that the pandemic and consequent restrictions has brought home to us is the importance of a decent internet connection.

Working from home, studying at home, keeping up with friends remotely… they all depend on broadband, the faster the better.

We have a helpful sponsored article, providing top tips on how to choose a good provider.

Learning disability Work week

3. Learning Disability Work Week

Many people with a learning disability and/or autism can work and want to do so.

Employers recount stories of loyal and dedicated employees whose employment helps to boost staff morale, champion inclusion and enhance diversity.

Yet despite this, they often face significant barriersand are shut out of employment. As work changes for everyone, thanks to coronavirus, it’s the perfect time to make best use of this untapped talent pool.

Find out more here

Lords call for action on pension credit

4. Pension Credit action needed

Pension Credit has the lowest take-up of any national welfare benefit, with four out of ten of the poorest pensioners missing out on financial support which could really make a difference to them.

The House of Lords has asked the government to come up with an action plan to address this situation, which has not improved in the last decade…

More details here

Overlooked in the pandemic

5. Overlooked in the pandemic

BBC News and YouGov have found that 71% of disabled people feel that their needs have been overlooked during the pandemic.

The findings emerged in a poll conducted as part of the BBC’s coverage marking 25 years since the DDA.

Read more here

Housing accessibility Needs Urgent action

6. Latest – Accessible homes

The government is currently consulting on options to make new homes more accessible.

There is a desperate shortage of homes for people with additional access needs. 13.9 million people with a disability, and just 9% of housing stock with key accessibility features – the numbers tell the story.

The Housing Made for Everyone (HoME) coalition is calling for urgent action to tackle the crisis by raising the mandatory building standards

More details here

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