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Welcome to the Enabling Technology January 2021 Newsletter!

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Happy New Year! As we toast the new year and enter into this new year with hope for the future as the vaccination program steps up, let’s think about how the effects of the potential move to old ways of working may affect disabled employees:

A return to the old normal? (Enabling Technology Blog)

It’s great news that some of the most vulnerable members of our society are in line to receive the first doses of the new coronavirus vaccine. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to include people with learning or physical disabilities who are living in supported accommodation:


At Enabling Technology we believe awareness of how disabilities traditionally seen as childhood issues continue to affect people as adults. This is why we love running Awareness Training for Managers and Colleagues on a range of subjects such as Dyslexia and ADHD. We see many clients struggling as managers thing that the reasonable adjustments with somehow “cure” their colleague or even worse when a colleague discloses their need presume that they won’t be able to do their job, even though they have been doing it well for years.

Please encourage your contacts to consider learning more about how to support disabled colleagues by asking us about our Webinars.


A harrowing story from a BBC reporter about the effects that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has on her life and work. It’s interesting to note that dictation software has helped her to cope with work-related tasks that would otherwise be very difficult indeed.

If you think that dictation software could help you or someone you know, just give us a call on 01785 243111 or email for more information: info@enablingtechnology.com


Don’t forget – we have a huge range of assistive hardware and software available to buy online at very competitive pricing on our website. We offer free trials for most of our software, and also the services of our professional, friendly and highly experienced fully DBS checked assistive technology trainers.

We also offer Workplace Strategy Training which is highly effective in increasing productivity, particularly for Access to Work clients.

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