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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living newsletter.

13.01.21 Contents:

• Digital Unlimited Festival

• Proportionate care

 Access Ambassadors needed

 Sometimes simplicity is genius!

• Winter Walk & Push

• Latest -  New Year, new you?

Digital unlimited festival

1. Digital Unlimited Festival

For the first time, the biennial Unlimited festival at London’s Southbank Centre is digital. So we can all enjoy the rich offerings of dance, performance, comedy, film, talks, workshops and art celebrating the artistic vision of disabled artists from 13 – 17 January 2021.

32 of the 33 events are free, making it even more accessible.

Pictured here by Susan Hay, dance duet 111 featuring Joel Brown (Candoco Dance Company) and Eve Mutso (former Principal Dancer of Scottish Ballet).

Find out more here

Proportionate care and coronavirus

2. Proportionate care

Hardly a week goes by without at least one enquiry about hoisting and manual handling, specifically whether two carers are legally required.

The answer, for the avoidance of doubt, is no. What IS required is a careful risk assessment, to ascertain how any transfer may be safely accomplished. Most equipment has been designed to be used by a single person.

Matthew Box of independent OT service, Inclusion.Me has carried out a number of proportionate care reviews for social care providers, with a surprising number of positive outcomes, apart from the always-pressing requirement to save money.

You can download a discussion paper from moving and handling expert Michael Mandlestam here.

Government recruiting access ambassadors

3. Access Ambassadors needed

The Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work, is looking to recruit fourteen new Disability and Access Ambassadors to help ensure businesses are doing all they can to support their disabled customers.

They will join existing Ambassadors who have been helping in the management of the COVID-19 crisis, and supporting work to develop the National Strategy for Disabled People.

The roles are voluntary and unpaid.

Find out more here

Dan Medica South cartoon video

4. Sometimes simplicity is genius!

Dan Medica South is a small company that is exclusively focused on improving pressure care.

Their high-tech four layer mattress overlays, pillows and cushions provide a silent, comfortable and cost-effective solution for patients with sores or at high risk of developing them.

As this concept is new to many potential users, they have produced a simple explanatory video, which you can view on their showcase page

Winter walk & push -  not too late!

5. Winter Walk & Push

It isn’t too late to join in WheelPower’s Winter Walk & Push, a great opportunity to support the charity in their work while getting some welcome exercise yourself.

The third lockdown is having an effect on all of us. Many disabled children are shielding and unable to leave home at all. For their mental and physical health, being active is essential – WheelPower is there with support and advice to keep them on track.

Sign up for free on the WheelPower website

Gracie Matthews training as a prosthetist

6. Latest – New Year, new you?

The turning of the year encourages many to cast a critical eye over their current situation and resolve to make changes.

Coronavirus has been having a similar effect, as certain jobs disappear while others move to the fore.

If you are pondering alterations in your own life, I think you will be interested in Gracie Matthews’ story of retraining as a prosthetist after losing her own leg in an accident.

More details here

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