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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living newsletter.

20.01.21 Contents:

• Healthy Ageing – Lords report

• Young Innovators

 PAs – securing the future

 Postural support with infinite flexibility

• Independence for Life

• Latest – UK Disability Survey

Lords inquiry into healthy ageing

1. Healthy Ageing – Lords report

The Lords Science and Technology Committee has published its report into healthy ageing, following an in-depth inquiry.

The report finds that the Government’s “Ageing Society Grand Challenge” target of ensuring people have five extra healthy years of life by 2035 will not be met.

At current rates of progress, an extra five healthy years for men will take 75 years to achieve. Even longer for women, as expectations are currently going backwards…

Read more here

Young innovators award programme

2. Young Innovators

One reason to be cheerful in the midst of viral gloom is the way that technology is being developed and taken up faster than ever, to solve some of the challenging problems we face.

The Young Innovators Award programme supports young people with great business ideas – applications were up by 87% in the past year, and winners include five projects that promise to make a difference to the lives of people with disabilities.

Read more here

DPAC campaign for PAs and care workers

3. PAs – securing the future

One of the unfortunate consequences of Brexit is the end of freedom of movement for people from the EU, including the many who would previously have worked here as PAs and care workers.

Disabled people are no longer able to employ a new PA from outside Britain, and the chronic shortage of suitable candidates here is causing problems.

DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts) is calling for the immigration status of PAs and care workers to be changed – you can support the campaign by signing their letter to the government.

AAT - Postural support with infinite flexibility

4. Postural support with infinite flexibility

Beanbags are well accepted as the basis for postural support: Independent Living subscriber AAT has taken the concept to a level of infinite flexibility with the addition of vacuum shaping.

Their Chilli Bean can be precisely shaped without pressure points to stabilise the user. It can then be easily and infinitely adjusted to accommodate changing client needs, “on site”, within minutes and without additional cost.

More details here

Independence for Life showcase

5. Independence for Life

Independent Living has an interesting new showcase page - Independence for Life.

Established by Philip Anderson, who has been blind since birth, the project aims to equip people with the tools to live independently. One strand is a motivational podcast series profiling the lives of people who have conquered adversity to achieve great things.

And because words matter, Philip is also campaigning to “take the Dis out of Disability“.

Visit the Independence for Life page for more details

UK Disability Survey open

6. Latest – UK Disability Survey

You have probably heard the government mentioning that there will be a National Strategy for Disabled People.

The Access Ambassadors I wrote about last week will be contributing to its development, and you can too.

The UK Disability Survey is now open – it should take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete, and the results will help shape policy.

You can take part here

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