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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living newsletter.

10.02.21 Contents:

• Paying family for care

• New home for social care professionals

 COVID and falls

 Pandemic: disability and inactivity

• CQC wants feedback from carers

• Latest - Raizer M emergency lifting

LGSCO judgement on paying family for care

1. Paying family for care

A recent judgement from the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman highlights one of the upsetting dilemmas faced by family carers.

A woman in Cornwall with significant care needs was left without care after the council decided she could not pay her daughter to provide the care she needed. They judged that it could be provided by an external agency – but didn’t actually put any arrangements in place. This meant that the daughter could only either leave her mother untended or continue caring without any pay.

Read more here

New home for social care professionals

2. New home for social care professionals

An organisation that has represented healthcare managers for nearly 120 years has now embraced a new identity which integrates social care managers as well.

The Institute of Health and Social Care Management recognises that there is more need than ever for professionals on both sides of the arbitrary divide to collaborate.

Read more here

COVID  causing more falls

3. COVID and falls

One of the unwelcome consequences of the pandemic has been an increase in the number of falls in hospitals – some with fatal results.

Staff shortages, changes in building layouts to improve infection control, disorientation and an increased hospital population of frail elderly patients due to the virus are all likely to be contributing.

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Pandemic increasing inactivity for disabled people

4. Pandemic: disability and inactivity

The latest survey from Activity Alliance shows a decline in activity levels amongst people with a disability as a result of the pandemic.

The need to self-isolate has led to a decrease in the number of disabled people being physically active, reversing the previous trend, amid concerns that the change will become entrenched through fear of infection.

More details here

CQC wants to hear from carers

5. CQC wants feedback from carers

Continuing the care theme I have going this week, family carers have been taking on more responsibilities than ever during the pandemic. They are in a unique position to see what is going on, good and bad, with the health and social care provided to the person they are caring for.

Not surprisingly, they are also more likely to provide feedback on care experiences than the rest of the population.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) would like to hear from anyone who is caring for a loved one about their experiences of paid care.

You can give feedback here

New Raizer M manual lifting aid

6. Latest – Raizer M emergency lifting

The Raizer II emergency lifting aid is a very well-known and highly regarded solution to helping someone who has fallen to the floor and can’t get up.

There is now a manual version, the Raizer M, which is operated by crank handle and is suitable for use in domestic environments, as well as care homes.

Both can be safely used by a single person.

You can read more here

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