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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living newsletter.

31.03.21 Contents:

• Technology enabled care

• Guidelines for FES

 Find Your Power!

 Bathing “game changer”

• Research on stadium access

• Latest – CASCAIDr, Living Wage

Commission on technology enabled care

1. Technology enabled care

Towards the end of last year, the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services and the TEC Services Association launched a Commission to explore the role of technology enabled care in contributing to a reformed social care system.

They have now published the results and recommendations.

The conclusion: care providers and councils could do much better in using available technology to keep people safe and well at home.

Read more here

Healthy ageing research projects

2. Guidelines for FES

Last October, we published an interesting article by Sarah Joiner, Vice Chair of the Multiple Sclerosis Trust, about Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES).

As someone living with MS, she benefits greatly from this technology, which has enabled her to walk better, for longer distances and with more confidence.

New clinical guidelines are needed to ensure that FES is used well and safely – Sarah is asking for as many FES users as possible to get involved in the study.

Read more here

3. Find Your Power!

Shockingly, research suggests that four out of ten disabled people have done no physical activity during the pandemic.

The Superhero Series - the UK’s one and only disability sports series – has announced their ‘Find Your Power Challenge’ which will take place between 29 May and 05 June.

The event will see some 3,000 ‘superheroes’ take part in a virtual ‘race to the Avengers tower and back’ covering a total distance of 50,000km.

Find out more here

Aqua liberty support for bathing

4. Bathing “game changer”

There is nothing quite like a lovely soak in a warm bath – as long as you feel safe and comfortable.

AAT has developed Aqua Liberty, based on their innovative vacuum posture cushion, as the first and only bath system that enables the bather to be properly supported with minimal physical intervention from a carer. It means they can relax and enjoy the hygienic and therapeutic benefits of being immersed in water.

More details here

research on stadium access

5. Research on stadium access

I recently featured an interview with a keen Liverpool fan who is a wheelchair user about the accessibility of football as a spectator sport.

Coincidentally, we have since been approached to help with some academic research by a student at the University of Huddersfield into stadium access. If you are over 18, a wheelchair user, and have ever been to a Premier League match, it would be great if you could fill in the questionnaire here. It should take about five minutes.

CASCAIDr fundraiser successful

6. Latest – CASCAIDr, Living Wage

I am delighted to report that CASCAIDr has reached their initial £6000 target to pay for legal advice that disabled people can use to claim back money wrongly taken by their local council to fund social care. But the fundraising campaign continues – the extra money pledged gets them back to the day job, which is chewing through all the OTHER Care Act breaches that happen daily - and not just because of the pandemic… Update here

The Scottish government has announced a commitment to ensure adult social care workers receive at least the Real Living Wage of £9.50 an hour. Funding of £64.5 million will be committed to paying this from May 2021, backdated to April 2021. It is part of the response to the recent Independent Review of Adult Social Care.

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