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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living newsletter.

25.08.21 Contents:

• How lucky are you?

• Tech in hearing care

 Care staff – freedom of movement

 Adult social care Scotland

• New Roby stairclimber

• Five new Changing Places

How lucky are you? Philip Anderson

1. How lucky are you?

We have another wonderful article from regular columnist Philip Anderson. He is musing on the subject of luck, and to what extent it shapes our lives.

Certainly, it is not equitably distributed: some people seem to experience one catastrophe after another, while for other lucky souls, good fortune appears to accompany them on their journey. If life is a card game, what you are dealt is a matter of chance – but how you use those cards, is a matter of choice…

Read Philip’s article here, and share your thoughts!

accessible tech in hearing care

2. Accessible tech in hearing care

We have an interesting sponsored article from Boots Hearingcare, looking at some of the latest developments in hearing technology.

Hearing aids with fiddly controls can be a thing of the past, as they increasingly come with phone apps, allowing you to make adjustments in a straightforward and familiar way. You can also now pair hearing aids wirelessly with more than one device, quite a game changer!

Read the article here

DPAC campaigning for freedom of movement for care workers

3. Care staff – freedom of movement

If you employ PAs or carers directly, or use an agency, you will know what a shortage of personnel there is. At long last, after months of delays, the government’s promised consultation on social care and loss of freedom of movement has been commissioned.

However, the findings will not be published until the end of next April, and there are real fears that in the general debate about social care, the needs of disabled people who directly employ PAs and carers will not be properly considered.

Read about the consultation here

consultation on national care service Scotland

4. Adult social care Scotland

The Independent Review of Adult Social Care recommended the creation of a National Care Service in Scotland, with Ministers being accountable for adult social care support.

The Scottish Government hopes to go further, and has opened a consultation seeking views on creating a comprehensive community health and social care service that supports people of all ages.

You can read more here

New Roby tracked stairclimber from AAT

5. New Roby stairclimber

AAT have introduced a new tracked stairclimber, the Roby, to complement their wheeled S-Max, which is the UK’s bestselling model.

Both connect with the user’s wheelchair, avoiding the need for a transfer, and also offer a rapidly available stair solution which does not involve any installation work.

Read more here

One of five new changing places at Winchester leisure Park

6. Five new Changing Places

Not one, not two, but five new Changing Places fully accessible toilets to celebrate. All of them are at Winchester Sport and Leisure Park, a fabulous new facility which includes a hydrotherapy pool as well as two swimming pools, climbing wall, squash courts and gym.

Pressalit, the leading Scandinavian manufacturer of accessible bathroom solutions, worked with the architects to specify state-of-the-art products suitable for adults and children in a multi-user public environment.

Read more here

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