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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living newsletter.

08.09.21 Contents:

• Caring for your back

• CP to the fore

 QBell – a smart doorbell

 New OT webinar series

• Is energy switching accessible?

• Chronic Illness Inclusion

Caring for your back -  Caroline Freedman

1. Caring for your back

The way we live our lives has altered considerably since the Coronavirus pandemic began in Spring 2019, and one consequence is a sharp increase in back problems.

Whether due to lack of customary exercise, or trying to work hunched over a laptop in a very unergonomic way, more of us are experiencing pain in our backs.

Caroline Freedman, a personal trainer and author who is uniquely experienced in caring for those with back problems, has some helpful advice.

Read the article here

CP sport's have a go athletics day

2. CP to the fore

Two items relating to cerebral palsy for you. For the first time ever, MPs will be discussing issues affecting adults with CP, as the All-Party Parliamentary Group for CP meets next Tuesday, 14 September.

More here

And if you’re feeling inspired to try a new sport after watching the Paralympics, and you live within reach of Coventry - CP Sport is hosting a taster day where you can try out a variety of athletics disciplines in a fun and safe environment. Experienced coaches will be on hand.

Read more here

QBell Smart doorbell

3. QBell – a smart doorbell

We have an interesting new subscriber on Independent Living. QBell is an easy solution to the problem of not knowing who’s at the door, not hearing the door, or not being able to get there in time.

It uses a unique, weatherproof QR code which you stick to the front door, and a companion phone app, which you use to respond to callers.

To let you know they are at the door, visitors and delivery drivers just need to scan the QR code.

Find out how to sign up for a free trial here

Closomat new webinar series

4. New OT webinar series

Following a summer break, Closomat and the OT Service are back with a new programme of clinical webinars, starting on September 23rd.

Designed in conjunction with Occupational Therapists, the webinars will address specific key clinical areas, boosting skills for the attendees.

The previous highly successful OT-focused events have been viewed thousands of times.

Read more here

RiDC on accessibility of energy switching websites

5. Is energy switching accessible?

Most of us have probably embraced the idea of switching energy supplier more or less regularly, to make sure we aren’t paying too much for electricity and gas.

An energy switching website is really the only convenient way of doing it – but how accessible are they? RiDC has been finding out.

Read more here

Chronic illness inclusion Survey

6. Chronic Illness Inclusion

After four years developing a vision for equality and inclusion for people with chronic illnessCII (Chronic Illness Inclusion) is working with disability rights experts at DRUK (Disability Rights UK) towards making the hoped-for changes reality.

Their next step is collecting evidence of the need and the support from the chronic illness community for this work. You can help by completing a short 5 to 10 minute survey.

Read more here

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