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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living newsletter.

22.09.21 Contents:

• Mastering inclusive chic

• Consultation on vaccinations

 Assessments for PIP and WCA

 OT toileting seminar

• Nothing stays the same

• Healthy Housing Awards

how to master inclusive chic

1. Mastering inclusive chic

One category of purchases that has exploded during the pandemic is homewares. Lockdown inspired us to pay proper attention to our living space, and it seems we can’t get enough of lovely things that make our homes more enjoyable.

There is no reason why a beautiful home cannot also be an accessible one: we have a great guest blog by architect and inclusion specialist Vaila Morrison on mastering inclusive chic.

Read the article here

department of Health consultation on vaccinations

2. Consultation on vaccinations

Should it be compulsory for frontline health and social care workers to be vaccinated against COVID? And how about flu?

Requirements are already in place for people working in care homes to be double jabbed by November 11th – something that many in the sector are concerned will exacerbate the already acute shortage of care workers.

The government is now consulting on whether there should be similar rules for all health and social care workers.

Read more here

DWP announce changes to PIP and WCA assessments

3. Assessments for PIP and WCA

Big changes afoot in assessments for PIP and WCA.

Currently, all Work Capability Assessments are carried out by Maximus, whilst PIP assessments are completed by IAS (formerly known as Atos) and Capita.

In future, one company will do both types of assessment in any given area.

Find out more here

Closomat toilet transfers webinar

4. OT toileting seminar

One for any OTs with an interest in moving and handling people. Closomat’s webinar on safe toilet transfers is coming up tomorrow – September 23rd.

There is still time to reserve your place!

The special guest speaker is Lucy Leonard, a Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist with extensive knowledge of major adaptations, neurological and vocational assessments, who has more than 20 years’ experience in the field.

Read more here

ILA supporting couple to remain living independently at home

5. Nothing stays the same

We human beings get very attached to our familiar surroundings and domestic routines. Few of us embrace change with enthusiasm – particularly if it is forced on us by circumstances or other people.

But it is a fact that our needs change over time, and sometimes accepting small changes can enable us to avoid bigger ones.

Our site subscriber Independent Living Advisers has an interesting account of one couple they have helped to stay in their beloved home.

Read more here

National healthy housing awards

6. Healthy Housing Awards

A reminder from Foundations that nominations should be in for the National Healthy Housing Awards by 1st October – so there’s not long to go!

There are several new categories this year, encouraging entries from a wider range of roles and project nominations from across the home adaptation sector.

Read more here

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