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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living newsletter.

29.09.21 Contents:

• Independent Living more mobile

• Good Home Agency

 eFOLDi – folding magic!

 Hybrid working boon

• Universal support for stair climbing

• New Minister for Disabled People

Independent Living website more mobile-friendly

1. Independent Living more mobile

You already know that there is a huge amount of content on the Independent Living platform. Products and services to help with mobility and daily living; information on benefits, legislation, keeping warm and well, fall prevention and generally managing life with a disability or as a carer.

It is now easier to find your way when you visit us on your phone – as the majority of people do. Our familiar top of the page menu has been replaced on the mobile site by a hamburger! If, like me, you aren’t au fait with tech speak, a hamburger menu is three horizontal lines, generally found in the top left corner. Just click to see the content available - why not give it a go!

Good home agency proposed

2. Good Home Agency

Many of us are finding ourselves transferred willy-nilly from our chosen energy provider to one obliged to take us on, as dramatic spikes in the cost of gas are killing off the smaller companies.

The move is invariably accompanied by an increase in the price we pay, which makes it all much more stressful, particularly for people on modest incomes.

It’s hard to see energy getting cheaper any time soon – we really need to be looking at ways to reduce the amount we use. And poorly built homes take a lot more heating than solid, well-insulated ones.

Do we need a Good Home Agency to improve the quality of our housing stock?

Find out here

eFOLDi folding scooter

3. eFOLDi – folding magic!

Our newest site subscriber, eFOLDi, is home to the world’s lightest and most compact folding mobility scooter and powerchair, and they are just back from scooping “Naidex Innovation of the Year” at the recent show.

The award-winning eFOLDi Lite folds and unfolds in just a few seconds, and is easy to store and transport. The range also includes the MK1.5, which is almost equally lightweight, and can be used on the road. The trio is completed by an ingenious folding powerchair.

It’s great to be able to showcase innovative products, and I’m pleased to provide you with information about these award-winning mobility aids.

Find out more on the eFOLDi showcase page

Hybrid working could benefit disabled people and carers

4. Hybrid working boon

The pandemic has had many terrible consequences, but one positive outcome is an acceleration in digital technology. It is estimated that we are three years ahead of where we would have been otherwise.

Technology that enables people to work remotely is a prime example of rapid improvements and adoption – and a new report from the Centre for Economic and Business Research suggests that disabled people and carers could benefit greatly from more widespread hybrid working.

Read more here

RiDC on accessibility of energy switching websites

5. Universal support for stair climbing

One thing you can guarantee about children: they grow out of things.

For parents and carers of a disabled child, the things they grow out of can include some very expensive pieces of equipment.

So the family of eight-year-old Fred (not his real name) are delighted that they can still use the AAT S-Max stairclimber that has been conveying him safely up and down stairs since he was a toddler.

Find out how here

new Minister for disabled people

6. New Minister for Disabled People

I think it’s fair to say Justin Tomlinson didn’t achieve a great deal as Minister for Disabled People, so it’s probably not surprising that his departure from the role hasn’t caused much fanfare.

He was replaced in the cabinet reshuffle by Chloe Smith, a former management consultant and MP for Norwich North since 2009. Her qualifications for the new job? None, as far as I can see. She has a consistent voting record against improving support for people with disabilities. Much like her predecessor.

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