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Welcome to this week’s Independent Living newsletter.

06.10.21 Contents:

• Failing social care system

• Mob-Shop exhibition

 Change 100

 Barriers at home

• Love Your Garden

• Welfare consultation ending

annual report from LGSCO

1. Failing social care system

The annual review of social care complaints dealt with by the ombudsman confirms – as if it was needed – the widening gulf between what people expect by way of care and what they actually receive.

Upholding an increasing percentage of complaints – approaching three-quarters – the ombudsman points out that they are often not due to one-off errors caused by staff working under pressure, but increasingly caused by the measures employed by councils and care providers to mitigate the squeeze on their resources.

Read more about the annual review here

mob-shop exhibition

2. Mob-Shop exhibition

Mobility shops are a fascinating example of the excruciatingly rigid and ableist narrative that cuts right to the heart of how society sees disabled people.

If you have ever felt underwhelmed at the unstylish, poorly designed products widely available in mobility shops, a new exhibition supported by Shape Arts is for you.

The disability-led organisation has been supporting artist Bella Milroy in a year-long project, challenging the stale image of mobility shops and aids.

Read more here

change 100 internships open

3. Change 100

Leonard Cheshire’s flagship Change 100 program is now open for applications for summer 2022.

Open to students and graduates with disabilities and long-term conditions, the program places candidates for three month paid internships with leading employers.

It is part of the charity’s drive to reduce the disability employment gap.

Read more, including how to apply

research into access barriers at home

4. Barriers at home

We know that the home can either facilitate independent living or hinder it.

As part of the National Disability Strategy, the OT Service is undertaking some research into understanding the barriers disabled people experience in their own homes.

They want to interview a wide range of disabled people, so that they can understand the barriers and frustrations of people using mobility equipment.

If you are willing to help with this project, they will come to your home to talk to you, and it will take about an hour and a half. Email Jill Straker or phone 0333 444 0062 for more information.

RiDC on accessibility of energy switching websites

5. Love Your Garden

A garden can be the most wonderful, therapeutic space – but not if you struggle to get to it.

Independent Living site subscriber Terry Lifts has recently helped the TV programme “Love Your Garden” to make a Macclesfield garden accessible for the Lamptey family who live there.

Find out how here

Health and disability consultation closing

6. Welfare consultation ending

This is the last newsletter before the consultation on the government’s Health and Disability Green Paper closes on 11th October.

If you want to see changes in PIP assessments and reassessments; Work Capability Assessment (WCA); employment support; advocacy service for people trying to access benefits – let them know by completing the online survey

We have in-depth analysis of the paper by highly regarded disability and social care researcher Mo Stewart here

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