Peter Pan Relaxed Performance at MK Theatre


Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Relaxed Performance

Wed 7th Jan 2015 10.30am

Relaxed Performance Definition

Relaxed performances are designed for those who would benefit from a more relaxed environment. The performances are developed with the needs in mind of those who have sensory or communication disorders, learning disabilities or autism spectrum conditions. The opposite of the quiet carriage on the train. There is a relaxed attitude to noise, movement and small changes to the sound levels and some lighting effects in the show.

Who are Relaxed Performances for?

 Children and age 5 and under!

  • Anyone who would benefit from a relaxed environment including:
  • People with autism spectrum conditions
  • People who make involuntary noises
  • People with learning disabilities
  • Those who prefer a less formal environment

 For group booking information, please contact Rachael Findlay –

Theatre visual stories are available at our Box Office or can be downloaded from

Tickets for our relaxed performance can by booked via our access line 0844 871 7677* or at the theatre box office.

*Booking fees apply

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