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Event Information:

  • Tue

    Milton Keynes Hard of Hearing Support Group

    SARC, Gloucester House, 399 Silbury Boulevard MK9 2AH

    Milton Keynes Hard-of Hearing Support Group






    Tuesday 15 January                                            Coffee Morning

    Tuesday 22 January                                            Coffee Morning

    Tuesday 5 February                                            Hearing Dogsfor theDeaf

    Tuesday 19 February                                          Coffee Morning

    Tuesday 5 March                                                 SARC

    Tuesday 19 March                                              CoffeeMorning

    Tuesday 2 April                                                   Lip ReadingTaster

    Tuesday 16 April                                                 CoffeeMorning

    Tuesday 7 May                                                   MK Theatre

    Tuesday 21 May                                                 Coffee Morning

    Tuesday 4 June                                                  Centre MK Open to All

    Tuesday 18 June                                                Coffee Morning

    Tuesday 2 July                                                    MKC TaxiLicensing

    Tuesday 16 July                                                  CoffeeMorning

    Tuesday 6 August                                              MK Healthwatch

    Tuesday 20 August                                            Coffee Morning

    Tuesday 3 September                                        Thames ValleyPolice

    Tuesday 17 September                                      Coffee Morning

    Tuesday 1 October                                            Adult Hearing Service(tbc)

    Tuesday15 October                                         Coffee morning

    Tuesday 5 November                                     MK Hospital Audiology Dept Coffee Morning

    Tuesday 19 November                                   Coffee Morrning

    Tuesday 3 December                                    Access Ambassadors

    Tuesday 17 December                                   Christmas Party!


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